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2014-12-08 06:52:00

DNA - the new clothing collection by Legia

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Mateusz Kostrzewa
The DNA collection was launched on Saturday, November 14, and became an instant hit among our fans. We proudly present to you the catalogue of the newest clothing collection by Legia Warsaw.
'Why it's called DNA? We wanted our new clothes to display all the most important ingredients which creates the grandness of Legia Warsaw - the military tradition, Warsaw, sports other than football, success and of course dedicated fans. This is what we see as Legia DNA. The foundation of this collection is to emphasise strong military and independence tradition of this Club,' said the Club's CD Bartosz Jabłoński.

'The new DNA clothing line shows our respect for the history and tradition of Legia Warsaw with its reference to all the Club's sports and its military tradition. Our principle, while creating the DNA collection, was the high quality of clothes and design itself. We hope that the DNA line will appeal to our fan's taste,' said the Club's Vice president Jakub Szumielewicz.

All the DNA items are available at the retail store and at sklep.legia.com.

See the DNA clothing line catalogue here.

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