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2018-01-22 11:58:00

Jozak: The most important thing is to be ready for the league

Author: Jakub Mieżejewski Photo: Mateusz Kostrzewa
- During this week we worked very hard and that's way some of the players were unable to give their best today - said Romeo Jozak after the game with Atletico Nacional.

 "There were very difficult trainings behind us. Some of the players are indisposed and in their place they had to play subs. It was not easy because we played against one of the best teams in South America. I'm happy with a few things. We create some chances to get a goal today, in which we should score. However, it happened differently. In the first half we were focused on the new tactics and it looked good, but we made somes mistakes and the situation turned around. In general, I'm happy with our camp in the United States. We lost two games, but there are also positives. New players fit into the team well, and our goal is to be ready for the first game in the league" remarked Romeo Jozak


Michał Kopczyński and Inaki Astiz came to the same conlusions after that game. "In this kind of matches a victory is not the most important, but we always want to win. Today's meeting was a good opportunity for us to test the new tactical variant. We played in a line up with three defenders. We played in such a system for the first time, so we could see a lot of mistakes in our game" said Kopczyński. 


"This match is a good material for learning and analysis. In some games in the league, we will maybe play in a formation with three defenders. The most important thing for us, however, is that today there were no injuries" noticed Inaki Astiz


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