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Maciej Skorża for ‘Nasza Legia’: Strong Legia
Maciej Skorża for ‘Nasza Legia’: Strong Legia
02.06.2010 19.56, autor: , źródło: Nasza Legia, komentarze: 0
Coach MACIEJ SKORŻA talks to ‘Nasza Legia’ about the past and his plans and dreams he wants to fulfill with the players of Legia.

Have you ever started your work as a coach from the ashes?
Why ‘ashes’? I’m starting work in a nice stadium (laughter). But seriously, sometimes it’s like that… After a poor season, the team needs some profound changes. I need players in Legia who will both be trained better as footballers and will yield some mental qualities. On the other hand, there are lots of players in the team now who I really rely on. I’m sure they can play better than last season. […] It really resembles the situation when I started to work with Wisła Kraków three years ago. However, we needed just reanimation there, while Legia also has to have a few organs transplanted. So that’s a more serious thing than in Kraków. Anyway, I’m optimistic about that and I believe I’ll set up a good team very soon to play for the championship.

[…] What kind of coach are you when it comes to your relations to players?
[…] My philosophy of work is aimed at maximal exploitation of their potential. That’s why I’m going to be very strict to some of them, while being more patient to the others. Of course, in the key issues my attitude will be rigorous and consistent. Professionalism, mutual respect and work for the team: these are the rules that will have to be obeyed by the team from the very beginning of my work.

How to motivate the team and make them believe in their own skills after a poor season? Is it really possible in such a short period?
Of course it is. There are good and bad moments in each profession, just like in our life. One can’t think of the bad ones for too long. We’re meeting at the first training session in June and, from that moment on, the only thing that matters is the future. In my opinion, the ‘renewal’ of players isn’t going to be the hardest task.

When it comes to the sports point of view, are you convicted that the new Legia will really be much stronger than in the previous season?
Yes, I believe they will.

Your predecessors worked in Legia during the conflict with the supporters. Aren’t you afraid that it will last forever? Have you got any idea how to make the conflict end?
I have one. We will become the champions and fill the stadium up. So everyone will be satisfied. In fact, it’s a very sensitive issue. I can only say that I really hope for support of the fans. I’ve already experienced playing without lively support of fans for a long time when Wisła played in the stadiums in Sosnowiec and Nowa Huta. It’s very important to me to make the fans support their team.

You can find the whole interview with Maciej Skorża in the latest issue of the ‘NASZA LEGIA’ magazine.

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