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2014-12-10 18:00:00

Berg: Win the game, win the group

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Jacek Prondzynski
'We're not looking for excuses, it's possible to show good football in spite of playing behind closed doors. We want to be our best on Thursday to win the game against Trabzonspor and our group,' said Henning Berg before the last match of the Europa League group stage.

Henning Berg: 
'Of course, all of us would like our fans to be present during tomorrow's game against Trabzonspor because the atmosphere they create is outstanding. However, we have to reconcile with UEFA's decision and play a good game of football nonetheless. To conditions are going to be same for both teams.'

'I've said it all the time that our group is very close and all four teams are on a similar level. Trabzonspor is very strong, they have good players and are doing well with the new coach. It's going to be a very important game to us because normally we don't have a chance to face such opponents in the Polish league.'

'If we lose, it will be our fault only. Or Trabzonspor's strength. We never come on the pitch thinking about losing, though. We're playing without our fans on Thursday but we're not looking for excuses. It's possible to play good football with full house and behind closed doors. We want to give our best. If we do that, we'll have a good chance of winning.'

Dusan Kuciak: 'We don't feel we're the favourite and we always approach our games with modesty. We are confident, though, and we believe we can win over Trabzonspor since we beat them away in October.'

'Obviously we know that a draw is enough for us but there's no way we will be minimalistic on Thursday. We're going to fight to win the game and the UEFA coefficient points that we will need to be seeded in the qualifiers in the next years.'

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