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2016-04-12 12:54:00

Centenary: Letter to the fans of Legia

Autor: Anthony Lowrey
Letter to the fans of Legia Warsaw, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Centenary celebrations of the Club.

Warsaw, 11 April 2016


Dear Sir or Madam!

Dear Friends!


One hundred years ago began one of the most beautiful adventures in the history of Polish sport. In April 1916, behind the Volyn front of the First World War, soldiers of the Polish Legion under the command of Marshal Józef Piłsudski founded Legia Warsaw.


We believe that the celebration of the centenary of our club, is not only an opportunity for a better understanding of the history of Legia Warsaw and the fate of its heroes, but also a contribution to integrating the community of our fans.


We believe that the central point of the planned celebrations will become a joint celebration of yet another Polish championship, of which our players are fighting for on the pitch.


We encourage you to read the Centenary Memorandum and the program of the celebrations of the Centenary of Legia Warsaw (below). Due to the tight schedule of games in the current and next season, the dates of some events are indicative. Some of the planned activities have to be kept secret for some more time. The details of those events will be presented on a regular basis.


With Legional greetings,


Legia Warsaw Board


President Bogusław Leśnodorski, Vice­ President Jakub Szumielewicz





12 April 2016 ­ ​Laying a plaque at the Łazienkowska 3 stadium honoring Lucjan Brzychy


15 April 2016 ­ ​A ceremony, granting the South Tribune of the Legia Warsaw stadium the name of Lucjan Brzychy


16 April 2016 ­ ​Premiere of the show “(L)egend” on player.pl ­ a series of 30 episodes depicting the history of Legia Warsaw and it’s accompanying emotions


20 April 2016 ­ ​Premiere of a postage stamp, postcard and envelope prepared for the Centenary of Legia Warsaw by the Polish Postal Service.


21 April 2016 ­ ​Inauguration of the photographic exhibition “A Century of Legia Warsaw” at the History Meeting House Museum (Krakowskie Przedmieście).


May 2016 ­ ​Premiere of a stylized watch prepared for the Centenary of Legia Warsaw by the legendary brand Błonie.


May 2016 ­ ​Premiere of a collector's coin, prepared for the Centenary of Legia Warsaw by the Polish Mint.


May - ­June 2016 ​­ Big Table of Legionnaires at the Centenary of Legia Warsaw.


4 June 2016 ­ “​Centenary of the Legion  Warsaw Night Run”


June 2016 ­​Announcement of the results of the Centenerial Poll of Legia Warsaw


June 2016 ­ ​Premiere of the “Varsovia Incognita” presenting the unknown facts of the history of Legia Warsaw


June 2016 ­ ​Unveiling of the large­format installation at the Eastern Tribune of the Stadium, dedicating the Centenary of Legia.


Fourth Quarter 2016 ­ ​Premiere of “Centennial Book of Legia Warsaw”


Fourth Quarter 2016 ­ ​International Scientific Conference on the history of Legia Warsaw at Warsaw University


March 2017 ­ ​Exhibition of photographs from the archives of Eugeniusz Warmiński ­renowned photographer, who for more than 60 years documented the history of Legia Warsaw, the Polish National team and the Capital.


April 2017 ­ ​Closing ceremony of the celebrations of the Centenary of Legia Warsaw.





July 2015 ­ ​Premiere of shirts and match balls prepared for the Centenary of Legia Warsaw by Adidas.


November 2015 ­ ​Singing of a letter of intent on cooperation between the 200th anniversary celebrations of the University of Warsaw and the Centenary of Legia Warsaw.


November 2015 ­ ​Opening of the new Museum of Legia Warsaw and the inauguration of the exhibition.


January 2016 ­ ​Premiere of the clothing collection celebrating the Centenary of Legia Warsaw.


February 2016 ​­ Decorated the staircase to the stands with historical images.


February 2016 ­ ​Placing the Centennial logo of Legia on the pitch at Legia’s Stadium.


March 2016 ­ ​Signing of an agreement with the City of Warsaw on a joint celebration of the Centenary of Legia Warsaw


March 2016 ­ ​Łazienkowka Street decorated with the flags of Legia Warsaw.


March 2016 ­ ​Inauguration of the photographic exhibition on the history of Legia Warsaw at Gallery Przechodnia.


March 2016 ­ ​Ele Taxi’s were decorated with Legia flags on match days.


April 2016 ­ ​Inauguration of the highlights of the Palace of Culture and Science in the colours of Legia Warsaw during the weekend of matches and flags on buses running on match days at the stadium at Łazienkowska 3.


April 2016 ­ ​Premiere of collectible coins celebrating the Centenary of Legia Warsaw, prepared by the Polish National Bank.


April 2016  Inauguration of the exhibition "A Century of Legia Warsaw" in the Sports Museum.

    Legia Warszawa

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