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2015-03-31 11:06:00

ECA creates the Club Management Guide

The European Club Association has decided to create the ECA Club Management Guide, with the aim of analysing different aspects of successful club management. Created to satisfy the interest from ECA Member Clubs to gain know-how, the ECA Club Management Guide integrates a strong practical approach, including case studies and best practices from clubs from top, medium and smaller national associations.
The idea of creating an ECA Club Management Guide was born from the need of having a manual which shares best practices in different aspects of club football management. In fact, in today’s football environment the quality of a club’s management is key to success, and the aim of such guide is to review different aspects of club management such as a club’s operational, commercial, community and sporting activities.

With a specific focus on case studies and active participation from clubs to provide content, the ECA Club Management Guide aims to gather information directly from clubs, to analyse it and offer a practical benchmark. The publication integrates a strong practical approach, from a European perspective, including case studies from clubs in top, medium and smaller national associations as well as interviews with club managers, CEOs and other top executives demonstrating how clubs have dealt with particular situations in the past. The ECA Club Management does not provide a single template to guarantee successful club management, but rather attempts to offer insights into effective club management through sharing best practice examples from clubs of various sizes and locations throughout Europe. This will offer the opportunity for all clubs to compare various methods and possibly improve their strategies. Over 150 interviews from no less than 100 clubs from all countries that have ECA Representation were carried out.

Legia Warsaw also participated in the project. In May 2015, an European Club Association conference is going to take place at the Marshall Józef Piłsudski's Municipal Stadium of Legia Warsaw.
    Legia Warszawa

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