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2014-12-08 13:01:00

ENEL-MED becomes the medical partner of Legia

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Mateusz Kostrzewa
ENEL-MED and Legia Warsaw signed a partnership deal persuant to which ENEL-MED became the official medical partner of the Club and will provide medical care for Legia players by setting up Football & Sports Medicine centre at our stadium.
'Such a unit at our stadium has always been our aim and dream and we are very happy that today we're making this dream come true. Ultimately, we want to establish a professional medical like the biggest football clubs in the world have,' said the Club's President Bogusław Leśnodorski.

'It's very important to us to gain such a big partner like ENEL-MED. It was part of President Leśnodorski's and my strategy from the very beginning of our work in Legia. We noticed that our players had to travel all around Poland and even abroad to get proper medical care, which was exhausting. Now we're going to have such a clinic here. It was also important to us to make sure that our fans get something of out it as well and I'm glad to inform you that all the season ticket holders now have a series of discounts in all ENEL-MED clinics,' said the Club's Vice president Jakub Szumielewicz.

'Choosing ENEL-MED as official medical partner by Legia Warsaw is a huge honour to us and a proof that our potential and experience in the area of orthopedics, neurosurgery and rehabilitation have been appreciated. Our Football & Sports Medicine centre will have a staff of the best sports medicine doctors in Poland and I believe that this will help our sportsmen have more and bigger success in our country and abroad,' said ENEL-MED's Vice president Jacek Rozwadowski.

Football & Sports Medicine centre offer:

- sports medicine certification,
- medical tests you need to engage in recreational sports,
- periodical control tests for people who engage in recreational sports to discover changes which take place in organism under the influence of physical exertion,
- ortophedics consults given by the doctors who work with sportsmen,
- physical capacity tests and training methods monitoring,
- full lab diagnostics, including genetic tests,
- medical imaging (USG, RTG, 3T MRI),
- cardiological diagnostics (echocardiography, electrocardiography, holter monitor),
- allergy diagnostics, including exercise-induced asthma detection (spirometry, allergy tests, diastolic tests),
- dietetic consults (bioelectrical impedance analysis, feeding habits optimalisation, supplementation programmes, diet monitoring, children and youngsters feeding education),
- laryngological, oculistic and neurological consults,
- certified psychologists consults,
- physiotherapeutic assesment of organism's functionality.

The Football & Sports Medicine centre will be open in March, 2015.

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