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2016-01-07 18:41:00

First year of the ''Legions'' is behind us!

Autor: Anthony Lowrey
2015 was the first year in which you could take part in our loyalty program ''Legions''. The completely new project was prepared by the club especially for fans of Legia Warsaw, you all enjoyed it, and we hope that in the centenary year, many more fans will join the ''Legions''.

“Legions” started in February 2015. The fans who take part in the program can count on exclusive rewards. The aim of the program is to recognise the most loyal fans and to thank them in the most exclusive way - giving them behind the scenes access to the club.


In the inauguration year, over 13 thousand fans joined Legia Warsaw’s “Legions”, and the attendance for Ekstraklasa games at our stadium has risen by 2 and a half thousand fans from 2014. From July, when fans could start to collect rewards for the first season (2014/2015), over 6 thousand fans claimed rewards. What rewards did they choose?


Our stadium tours were very popular - fans from the “Legions” could look at the place where the players prepare themselves for the match, look at the changing rooms and sit on the reserves bench. Fans also chose to have photos with the players, taking the role of a photographer or journalist for a match, shaking hands with the players before they arrive for a match, publishing their own articles on legia.com, watching the pre-match training from the sidelines and visiting the first team training session.




The higher that the participants of the “Legion” reached, the more rewards were to choose from. Colonels, who could boast a 100% attendance record, could also pick more exclusive rewards, such as a night-time visit at the stadium, or being on the roof of the stadium, which comes with a panoramic view of the capital. The children also realised that they could go out on to the pitch with the capitals star players, led by Nemanja Nikolić or Dusan Kuciak.


After the 2014/2015 season, club representatives had the honor of meeting the biggest fans, who have never missed a match at #Ł3, in the VIP area of our stadium. Colonels of the “Legions” were the first to see the preparation of the centenary match kit of Legia and the advertisement #GotowiDoWalki (#ReadyToFight). Autum saw the start up of the forum for the Colonels, where the most active fans can discuss subjects with club representatives and present their thoughts.


Another big event was a meeting between the best of the “Legions” with manager Stanislav Cherchesov. The Russian manager, for over an hour, responded to the fans questions regarding the team, tactics, preparations and the level of the team. 


Not everyone collected their rewards - some decided to give them to the needs of children from Vilnius and Lviv, with accomodation and participation at a Legia match. 


An element that is joined to the Legion loyalty program is the Legia Warsaw Supporters Card. Access to our exclusive rewards are only available for those with the card, which is why we would like to invite you to apply for the card and join our program. Having a card gives many exclusive offers - for example, a ticket with a Supporters Card is 5 PLN cheaper than a ticket without a card.



That’s not all! Colonels of the “Legion” who have a season ticket for the current season (2015/2016) can invite a person to every match played at Łazienkowska 3, who have never been at our stadium. New fans can come in the Spring, which we highly encourage!


The “Legion” loyalty program has been well-received by the fans, and even the British sports magazine FourFourTwo has rated its exclusivity. Everyone with a Legia Warsaw Supporters Card can join the “Legion”, and matches that they have already attended this season will be automatically added to the database.



Join the “Legions” in the centenary of Legia Warsaw!

    Legia Warszawa

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