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2016-02-16 10:18:00

Idea Bank is the Official Partner of the Legia Business Cup

Autor: Anthony Lowrey
Idea Bank is the official partner of the Legia Business Cup. The new name of the amateur football tournament, which takes place on our grounds, is now the Idea Bank Legia Business Cup.

Idea Bank Legia Business Cup is a professionaly organised tournament for amateur footballers. The idea came from Adam Orlikowski, ex-professional footballer, trainer and employee of our club. During the year, there are four editions of the tournament, which, through the most high-tech shelter balloon in Poland, games can take place, even in below-zero temperatures.


Now, the tournament, which has been very popular, has attained a prestige partner. Attaining Idea Bank as a partner is a great success of the Sponsoring Department of Legia Warsaw, and a great chance for organised amateur football at Łazienkowska to reach an even higher level.


- Idea Bank, in all of its operations, always tries to be close to business. Sport with business is a great connection - in order to succeed in them, you need determination and the ability to have a healthy rivalisation. Joint activity gives lots of positive energy, great fun and brings people together, which is why we are pleased that we can support such a useful initiative like the Legia Business Cup and celebrate the game - said Klaudia Klimkowska, representative of Idea Bank. 


Echoing her thoughts was Przemysław Szczepaniuk, Coordinator of the Idea Bank Legia Business Cup: - Legia Business needed such a renowned partner. The competition involved a lot of major companies on the market - including several teams representing financial activities. They are now joined by another representative of the industry - Idea Bank. I’m convinced that the cooperation will be beneficial for both parties. We have  some common ideas for diversifying the competition in the future, which will translate into greater satisfaction of participants of the Idea Bank Legia Business Cup.


We wish many goals scored and success in business!

    Legia Warszawa

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