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2014-12-07 13:44:00

It's official: Legia is disability-friendly

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Jacek Prondzynski
Legia Warsaw participated in a "Tu jest OK" (It's OK here) project, the aim of which is to indicate the public places adapted to the disabled people's needs. The audit proved that our stadium if fully adapted and disability-friendly!
In the certificate given to Legia by the FAZON organization and signed by its Chairman Monika Bugajewska-Tykarska, one can read the following:

'Looking for further and fruitful cooperation on our next actions aimed at promoting the disabled persons' activity, we would like to show our respect and recognition for the actions taken by Legia to actively engage the disabled to social life, thus helping them to fully rehabilitate.'

'We are happy that our stadium is safe and friendly to the disabled people. We try everyday to improve the conditions of watching the football games at Pepsi Arena, as every supporter is very important to us,' said the Club's Vice president Jakub Szumielewicz.

Legia Warsaw wants to support the disabled fans by offering them tickets and season tickets in preferential prices as part of the "No Barriers" action.

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