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2015-11-20 15:05:00

Legia and ENEL-MED Open a Sports Medicine Clinic

ENEL-SPORT, the most modern orthopedic-rehabilitation clinic in Poland and one of the most wel-equipped sports medicine facilities in Europe, is going to be opened on 23 November at the Legia stadium by ENEL-MED in cooperation with Legia Warsaw.

ENEL-SPORT is a new brand in the portfolio of the ENEL-MED group, which is the official partner of Legia Warsaw. By signing the deal with the clinic, Legia - following in the footsteps of the biggest European clubs - decided to enrust the medical care of all the players to one specialised facility.


The ENEL-SPORT clinic is located at the Legia Warsaw stadium at 3 Łazienkowska Street. Together with the Szpital Centrum ENEL-MED (128 Solidarności Street, Warsaw), it will provide comprehensive medical service, which include diagnostics, rehabilitation, and treating orthopedic conditions both with and without surgeries. The hospital is distinguished by its great experience in terms of modern orthopedic and neurosurgery operations.


"We want to build ENEL-SPORT's success on combining the experience of the best doctors in the country with top equipment, which no other facility in Poland has. We want the clinic to be distinguished on the market by its comprehensive services - from diagnostics to surgeries and rehabilitation. At the clinic we will not only treat orthopedic conditions, but also support people who are preparing for next seasons, and guide those who are only starting their sports adventure," explained Jacek Rozwadowski, Vice president of the ENEL-MED Medical Centre.


The ENEL-MED Medical Centre and Legia Warsaw established cooperation in the middle of 2014 by signing an agreement, under which ENEL-MED took medical care of the Club's players. The next step is opening the ENEL-SPORT clinic at the Legia stadium, where the Legia players, other sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as amateurs could be treated. What is important, the season ticket holders for the Legia home games in the 2015-16 season, will benefit from many discounts in ENEL-MED facilities:


  • 10% discount for medical consults
  • 10% discount for lab tests
  • 10% discount for diagnostic tests (USG, RTG, and others)
  • 10% discount for MRI
  • 15% discount for CAT scan
  • 50% for stomatological consults and check-ups, with panoramic radiograph
  • 15% discount for stomatological hygiene.


"We have achieved another very important goal for our Club, which was our priority from the start. We've been helping sportsmen for a long time, and now the best specialists are going to work at the clinic, which is going to result in achieving even bigger success in Poland and abroad. Not only our footballers will benefit from opening the facility, but also our other sportsmen, our fans for whom a special system of discounts have been created, and the whole Polish sports. We want to help the professionals and people who do sports recreationally," said Bogusław Leśnodorski, President of Legia Warsaw.


At ENEL-SPORT our patients will be able to anti-gravity treadmill (one of only a few in Poland), Woodway treadmill, 3T MRI, or Biodex devices used for advanced diagnostics and training. Doctors who make up the medical team of ENEL-SPORT work daily with top sportsmen, and thus have access to the newest tests and solutions. But if you think that the clinic's offer is addressed only to sportsmen, you are wrong.


"At our clinic we do not only focus on diagnostics, rehabilitation or sports medicine. We offer our patients much more, e.g. general practitioner, cardiological, diet or allergical consults. We would like the patients to come to us to plan their training well czy choose the right sports discipline, and not only when they have already been injured. I always tell my patients that prevention is the most important, because thanks to it you save not only money and time, but first and foremost your health," explained Jacek Jaroszewski, ENEL-SPORT medical supervisor, Legia Warsaw and Poland national team doctor.


The first ENEL-SPORT facility will be open from 23 November. This year, another one will also be launched, but this one is going to be dedicated mainly to children. Obviously, the second ENEL-SPORT facility is also going to be created at the Legia compound, from the side of Myśliwiecka street. The scope of its services will focus mainly on the health of the young sportsmen. The offer will also cover new services for adults, such as fitness classes, training with personal coaches, regeneration, and SPA. ENEL-MED also plans to open the third ENEL-SPORT facility in Poznań.


The ENEL-SPORT clinic cost the ENEL-MED group about 11 million PLN.






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