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2016-03-24 16:10:00

Legia and Warsaw have signed a cooperation agreement!

Autor: Anthony Lowrey Fot. Mateusz Kostrzewa
On Thursday, at the Legia stadium, the Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Jarosław Jóźwiak, Vice-Chairman of the Club Maciej Wandzel and Vice President Jakub Szumielewicz signed a cooperation agreement between the City and the Club in the centenary year of our Club!

In cooperation with the City, Legia planned a series of events:

  • Łazienkowska Street will be branded for 2016; on buses that serve the stadium, will be the flag of Legia,

  • On match days, the Palace of Culture and Science - the most spectacular building in the city - will be illuminated in red, white and green,

  • The Eastern stand will be decorated with the joint history of the city and the club, which have been inseparable for a hundred years,

  • A Centenary Run will be organised (details in the near future).


Jarosław Jóźwiak (Deputy Mayor of Warsaw): “Legia’s sport success promotes the image and brand of Warsaw. We want to sign this agreement during this special jubilee year for Legia, to structurise the cooperation between the city and the club. On the occasion of this jubilee, I wish Legia two hundred years, but the best gift for Warsaw, would be the Polish championship.


Maciej Wandzel (Co-Owner of Legia Warsaw): “We would like to thank for the fact, that we work in accordance with the City in many strategic aspects. Starting with changes of ownership of the club, one of the major projects was the construction of the belief that we should cultivate a common identity, because for us, Warsaw = Legia and Legia = Warsaw. We are looking forward to it even more, that on the occasion of the centenary, we can do many things together - not in material terms, but the brand image, referring to the tradition. This is one of the projects on which we work together. I hope to soon finalise a very interesting project on building training areas for the youngest students at the stadium by Czerniakowska Street. We are happy, because we have entered into natural, friendly, shared tracks, and this meeting is the culmination of cooperation, for which we would like to thank the Mayor and Alderman of the Sports Committee. We try not to disappoint the hopes that are pinned on us.


Jakub Szumielewicz (Vice President of Legia Warsaw): “I would like to join the thanks to the Mayor and the entire team, who worked a long time on the solutions that have been presented. We are very proud that in this way, a centenary will be marked within the urban infrastructure. This is an important thing for every Legia fan. We are very pleased because of this and thank you.

    Legia Warszawa

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