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2014-12-07 13:48:00

Legia celebrated Polish independence

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Michał Trociński
On Tuesday, November 11, Poland celebrated the 96th anniversary of regaining independence and many events and ceremonies were organised in Warsaw to commemorate the National Independence Day. Legia representatives and employers participated in them.
26 Legia representatives took part in the 10-kilometre Warsaw Independence Run as "Team Legia", with the office employers, legia.com editors, as well as the Academy and reserves team coaches among them. The two most renown members of "Team Legia" were our past players and current scouts - Michał Żewłakow (head of scouting) and Tomasz Kiełbowicz.

At noon the National Independence Day ceremony took place at the Piłsudski Square next to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and it was attended by public authorities and the commanders of the Polish Armed Forces. Legia player Miroslav Radović laid flowers on the Tomb, as a member of a delegation of people who received Polish citizenship.

Also, the Club displayed three Polish flags on the entrance to the reception.

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