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2015-02-02 11:09:00

Legia continue efforts and await UEFA decision

Autor: Legia Warsaw Fot. Jacek Prondzynski
Legia await UEFA Appeals Body decision regarding playing the second leg match of UEFA Europa League round of 32 against Ajax Amsterdam in Warsaw behind closed doors. Club have accepted all other sanctions ordered by UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body UEFA after a match in Lokeren but have asked Appeals Body to consider playing a game against legendary Dutch club in front of the full stadium.
Since Lokeren accidents, acting with a lot of determination and long term vision, Club have taken a number of actions in various fields and shall continue them independently from particular UEFA decision. What counts is the best interest of Legia fans and supporters and the Club itself. 

  • After a time consuming and technically sophisticated process on the basis of a low-quality monitoring materials from Belgium, the Club were able to finally identify without a doubt four Polish citizens who took part in various incidents at the stadium in Lokeren. The Club issued stadium bans for all of these individuals. Further actions regarding accidents in Lokeren are led by Warsaw Prosecutor’s Office. Legia have also completed all formalities from their side aimed at settling with Lokeren all of the damages caused by Club’s fans.
  • Legia have prepared a FSR (Football Social Responsibility) Programme for years 2015-2016. Number of elements of this programme has been already advanced prior to accidents in Lokeren. Club have also filed first motions for financing of such activities from various sources. Within subject programmes, especially taking into account upcoming 100th anniversary of Legia Warsaw, number of modules dedicated to Club’s history, values and principles on which it was build and whose founding fathers like Marshall Józef Piłsudski were devoted to are included. Anti-racist educational elements are also highlighted.
  • Club’s and the players' efforts and actions to promote anti-racism activities have been also recognized by authorities of Polish League – Ekstraklasa S.A. The Club have received a letter from Ekstraklasa S.A. thanking for participation of Club’s players Ivica Vrdoljak and Guilherme in a “No to Racism” TV spot. This material has been seen by over 65 thousand viewers on the YouTube channel as well as by over 1 million TV viewers before broadcasts of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa games. 
  • Legia have received a letter from AFC Ajax confirming professional and accurate co-operation between clubs in preparation of both matches between Legia and Ajax. Since the results of UEL round of 32 draw both clubs are preparing themselves carefully in all organizational fields, taking into account that the decision on playing the second leg game behind closed doors may be revised by UEFA Appeals Body.
  • Legia are actively engaged in works of organizations like European Club Association (ECA) or European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA). Club representatives took part in last week ESSMA Summit in Munich and this week Legia shall be active on the ECA task force meeting dedicated to the development of European competitions. 

Legia on regular basis inform UEFA and other stakeholders on all of the above and other activities. The Club are confident that a long term work in these and other fields shall have further impact on the club’s standing in Europe.
    Legia Warszawa

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