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2016-03-11 14:10:00

Legia Debates over Changes of the Shape of European Cups

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Mateusz Kostrzewa
Acting on behalf of the ECA Executive Board, Dariusz Mioduski participates in operations of a special work group, whose task is to work out new strategic solutions for the shape of European cups.

"Working on the development of the UEFA club competitions, we cannot forget the basic values on which football relies," points Mioduski, Chairman of the Legia Warsaw Supervisory Board and majority shareholder of the Club.


The abovementioned work group consists of high-ranking representatives of clubs such as Anderlecht, AJAX, Olympiacos, Celtic FC and HJK. External experts also participate in its operations. The aim of the group is to work out specific substantial recommendations before the ECA Executive Board meeting, which will be held im Amsterdam in April 2016.


"We are working to have readymade alternative solutions for conceptions arising in discussions, which are difficult to accept for us, such as an idea of creating an exclusive Superleague available only to the richest clubs in Europe," explains Dariusz Mioduski. "It is clear to us that it is necessary to constantly develop European cups as organisational-media format which can compete globally with other competitions, and even other sports disciplines, too. We cannot, however, allow a situation in which, chasing money, we would lose the essence of football, which is fair-play competition and equal chances of winning for each team which enter the pitch".


The idea behind the propositions raised by Dariusz Mioduski and others is an assumption that less wealthy clubs, which have rich tradition and long history, can play a very important role in European football due to their big development potential when it comes to sports, organisation, social matters, and finances. This initiative draws attention of foreign media - the subject has been recently covered in "Daily Mail".


"We stay faithful to the idea of #LetFootballWin, according to which football itself is the most important, and everyone should have a chance to compete and win with anyone. I am sure that regardless of the outcome of difficult talks we are currently having, the position and rank of Polish club football in Europe will grow. I am glad that this is possible also by international activities of the Legia Warsaw representatives," Mioduski sums up.

    Legia Warszawa

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