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2015-12-15 07:45:00

Legia FanStore now open in Chopin Airport!

Autor: Anthony Lowrey Fot. Mateusz Kostrzewa
It is with great pleasure that we announce, that Legia Warsaw opened their official shop - Legia FanStore - in Warsaw’s Chopin Airport! We invite all supporters and football enthusiasts to shop in our store. Legia FanStore is located in Terminal A.

Legia relates to the biggest european clubs, who can boast to have their official shops in airports of major cities. Such clubs who have their own shops in Europe’s biggest airports are football giants such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. In Moscow airport, it is possible to buy the official products of Dynamo Moscow, in Amsterdam Ajax, and in Glasgow, both the products of Celtic and Rangers. 


Now joining to this group is Poland’s greatest club - Legia Warsaw! From Tuesday the 8th of December, all the fans travelling abroad can stock up on the clubs gadgets just before their flight! The millions of tourists travelling through Chopin Airport won’t be able to miss the store - every football enthusiast will be able to bring a souvenir in the form of a shirt or gadget from the Polish capital.



"Thanks to the opening of the Legia FanStore in Warsaw’s airport, we are building awareness of our logo among millions of travellers from the whole world, who visit our city for both business and tourism purposes. We are pleased, that Chopin Airport picked us, because across the world, retailers in airport terminals are reserved for the best. The project was very complicated and laborious undertaking, which is why we are very proud that it ended successfully. In this way, Legia Warsaw joins the business sphere of the largest european football clubs," said Vice-President of Legia’s Board Jakub Szumielewicz.


The Legia FanStore in Warsaw’s Chopin Airport will include, among others, the newest collection of Adidas clothes - obviously including new, centenary match shirts - the LifeStyle collection and gadgets, which have the greatest popularity in our store.


"Our beautiful new match shirt is very popular among foreigners, both in our physical and online store. So we believe, that it will be an ideal souvenir from a stay in Warsaw, and now it will be even easier to get," explained Legia Warsaw’s Merchandising Manager Maciej Harężlak.



In the shop, Legia’s fans can also find an extensive travel supply - suitcases, bags, backpacks, thermal cups, travel pillows, sachets, and soon cosmetics. Season ticket holders for Legia’s matches, just like in the store at the stadium, can also use the discount that comes with it!


The store is located in the newest part of Terminal A in the departures hall, close to gate 36 in the duty-free area. Legia FanStore is neighbouring The Travel Store, Samsung as well as the VIP lounge area. 


Chopin Airport is the largest airport in Poland. According to the information forwarded by the State’s Airports in 2015, Chopin Airport was supporting 11 million passengers. Terminal A, in which is Legia FanStore, was re-opened for use in May 2015. 


Opening hours of Legia FanStore in Chopin Airport:

5:00 - 22:00


We invite you to shop in our airport store. Visiting the Legia FanStore in Chopin Airport is an unique opportunity to acquire klub gadgets and popularise Legia around the world!







    Legia Warszawa

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