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2015-02-04 10:58:00

Legia in ECA work group meeting

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Jacek Prondzynski
A meeting of the Subdivision 3 ECA Work Group was held in European Clubs Association's headquarters in Nyon. The group deal with analysing and optimising the UEFA Europa League. Representatives of Legia Warsaw prepared and presented the output material and discussion proposals. The meeting was also attended by plenipotentiaries of FC Aberdeen, Celtic FC, Sparta Prague, Steaua Bucharest, Rosenborg Trondheim and ECA itself.
'European club football competition are evolving in a natural and continuous manner. They are being adapted to changing realities, becoming even more attractive both sport and commercially wise. At the same time, existence of mechanisms and rules, which in an rational way limit growing gap between biggest and medium as well small clubs has to be safeguarded. They shall also equally help to provide fans with sporting emotions and experience as well as clubs to secure sustainable growth.  Legia Warsaw as many other clubs in Europe experienced various moments in its history and basing among others on these experiences, we have prepared an analysis of current state and came up with proposals of solutions for the future. We trust it is a good starting point to discussion on the competitions format in the next years,' said Dariusz Mioduski, Chairman of Legia Warszawa Supervisory Board and club’s majority owner commented.
    Legia Warszawa

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