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2016-06-01 17:55:00

Legia Warsaw and coach Cherchesov part company

Autor: Legia Warsaw
On Wednesday, the contract between Legia Warsaw and coach Stanislav Cherchesov was terminated by mutual agreement. It also means the end of Club's cooperation with members of Cherchesov's coaching staff - Vladimir Panikov, Miroslav Romaschenko and Gintaras Stauce.

"We would like to thank the coaches for their professionalism and leading Legia to the double for the Club's centenary. We part company with mutual respect, and wish our former coaches all the best in their future careers," said Bogusław Leśnodorski, President of Management Board of Legia Warsaw.


On Tuesday, in Austria, representatives of the Club officially terminated negotiations with coach Stanislav Cherchesov regarding the conditions of extending the contract for the next season.


"We didn't manage to reach agreement in matters which are crucial for development of Legia in the coming years. When, in October 2015, coach Cherchesov came to Warsaw, we set specific goals for him, of which the most important was winning the championship of Poland. However, we also agreed that after the season - regardless of the result - we would sit down and discuss everything we managed to achieve, and what, and how, we would achieve in the future. Coach Cherchesov and his staff did a great deal of work with the first team, for which all of us are grateful. Today, we shook hands, and wished each other good luck," said Michał Żewłakow, Sports Director of Legia Warsaw.


"Almost a year ago I said that coach Cherchesov and we share a vision of team's development, and that was true," reminds President Leśnodorski. "Winning the championship for the Club's centenary was a priority, and the coach with his assistants guaranteed the change of the first team, thanks to which we won the title. However, when it comes to plans for development of the whole Club, not only the first team, it turned out that our visions are different, which is normal in professional football. We part company with mutual respect, and wish our former coaches all the best in their future careers. Warsaw is never going to forget their professionalism and leading Legia to the double."


Information about new coaching staff of the Legia Warsaw first team for the 2016-17 season is going to be published in the coming days, in a seperate media release.

    Legia Warszawa

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