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2016-12-16 10:30:00

Legia Warsaw Business Club in 360 degrees

Autor: Roberto Cura
Co-operating with our Club brings many advantages. Does your company wish to become partners with Legia Warsaw and join the Business Club? Watch our innovative video which incorporates VR 360-degree technology to take you on a virtual tour of our Business Club, to show you all the benefits you could be enjoying.


- You become a leader, you are not born one. We sincerely believe in this, especially now that Legia Warsaw has become the first football team in Poland to incorporate VR technology in their everyday life. As the pioneers, we must discover new opportunities, push the boundaries and set ourselves as an example to others. Even though Legia is “just” a football club, our work ethics are strongly focus on the constant development of our business acumen and entrepreneurship. It allows us to show our partners that we our open to new technology and we are not afraid to use it in our everyday work – said Jakub Szumielewicz, Vice President of Legia Warsaw.


- Here at Legia Warsaw, we believe that the use of VR technology is the best way to capture and demonstrate the most prestigious areas of our stadium. In this way, we can give our potential clients or sponsors the possibility to see into the most important locations of our facilities, without the need to be physically present – added Szumielewicz in regards to the video.



The Legia Warsaw Business Club is an innovative project, opening the possibilities of partnerships among many levels. Thanks to the use of VR technology, everyone can witness the benefits which flow from it. We invite everyone to watch our film and we hope to see you at Łazienkowska!

    Legia Warszawa

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