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2016-04-12 13:06:00

Memorandum of Legia Warsaw

Autor: Anthony Lowrey
A memorandum, on the occasion of the centenary of Legia Warsaw.

“To be defeated, and not surrender - this is victory.

To win and rest on laurels ­- it’s a disaster.”

Marshal Józef Piłsudski


More than 100 years ago, they went as volunteers to the Polish Legions. On the sacrificial pile, they rushed the desperate fate of their life, which they were willing to give up for their Homeland without hesitation. They did not know that their actions will soon become not only a founding myth of an independent of Poland, but will also give the beginning of the most beautiful story in the history of Polish sport. In 1916, at the rear of the Eastern Front of the Great War, it was established as Legia Warsaw.


Legia, however, is more than just a sports club. It is a living history card of the last century, witness of the rights and duties towards the world are the people who fought for freedom and honour. Many heroic legionnaires have paid the highest price ­ on the battlefields of the two world wars, the concentration camps, in the ranks of the conspiracy or in the torture chambers during communism. Their heroic attitude expressed opposition to what is dishonorable.


Legia survived the hardest times of the difficult Polish modern history, more than once based attempts to take over and change its identity. Spirits of the Legion can not be neither mastered nor possess it. This red blood shed on the fronts of the struggle for independence, the white bones of those who fought on these fronts never returned, and the green of hope, which has always led us to victory. Semper Invicta, Semper Heroica; undefeated, always heroic, endowed trust of millions of Poles from the Tatras to the Baltics, Warsaw, faithful and humble to its history, on the foundation of universal values, creates Legia the work to transmit to future generations. This makes taking care of those among its communities, where life did not work out successfully, as well as remembering the rivals with whom allow the skirmishes to be in a place from which boldly looks to the future.


A future that is consistently built every day by a community centered around a unique symbol “L” to match its predecessors: dozens of Olympic medalists, hundreds of thousands of representatives of Polish and Polish champions in many disciplines. We are fighting shoulder to shoulder with millions of fans and a hundred years of Legias colours. In the spirit of fair play, we work hard to achieve success in the Polish and European arenas and to glorify the name of the Club among all those for whom sport and physical culture is an important content of life, with Legia being a showcase of our country.


We are aware that in front of us are new challenges. We look for those who today, under the supervision of experienced tutors, work ahrd to soon take over from us in the championship torch relay of generations. “The Republic of Poland will be reflected by the youth's behaviour”, so too will the united Legia for which we fight. Legia is in the DNA code which pupils will be taught: Tradition, Respect, Courage, Bravery, Steadfastness, Unity and Loyalty. We know that it is a privilege to be a witness to history. The highest honour, however, is being able to create it.


On behalf of the club of Legia Warsaw, Shareholders, and the Board


Dariusz Mioduski, Maciej Wandzel, Lucjan Brychczy, Bogusław Leśnodorski, Jakub


    Legia Warszawa

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