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2016-10-25 14:50:00

MODECOM Legia eSports Cup 2016

Autor: Legia Warszawa
On 5-6 November 2016, MODECOM Legia eSports Cup 2016 will be held at the stadium at Łazienkowska 3. “This computer game tournament, the first in the Club’s history and the first of its kind in the world, will mark the beginning of the activities of the Legia Warszawa electronic sports section. We will compete with the official e-sports teams of leading European football clubs. I am very pleased that we will be hosting this event”, says Jakub Szumielewicz, Vice President of Legia Warszawa.

The tournament will include several games, with FIFA 17, one of the most popular computer games in the world, being the main competition. Eight teams representing the official sections of the e-sports of top European football clubs will compete in it. Apart from Legia Warszawa, the following teams will take place in the tournament: Manchester City, Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen, VfL Wolfsburg, Ajax Amsterdam, Valencia, Paris Saint-Germain and Sporting Club de Portugal. All games will be played on XBOX One.


“The market of computer games and their popularity and diversity are growing every year and more and more European clubs initiate ambitious projects in this area”, says Szumielewicz. “We are proud to officially inaugurate the activities of Legia Warszawa e-sports section during this important even. Founding the section is an element of the tradition of the Club encompassing various sports sections, and it furthers our ambition to develop the Club in all fields.”


The tournament will be played simultaneously at four posts – first, the teams will compete with one another, then the final phase in the form of a cup competion will be held, with the losing teams eliminated from further competition. The winners will receive prizes worth EUR 3,500. Łukasz "Juras" Jurkowski, a well-known announcer at Legia Warszawa matches, will be a presenter at the tournament.


“For the first time in history, so many official football teams from all over the world will participate in an e-sports tournament”, says Wiktor Cegła, Legia Warszawa’s marketing director. “This is a result of many months of our efforts, consultations and discussions with the representatives of foreign clubs who want to start activities in the field of e-sports. The tournament will be accompanied by a workshop with the participation of e-sports, marketing and social media specialists, representing all clubs participating in our competitions This will be an opportunity to discuss the future, the role and the form of traditional sports organisations involvement in this new sector.”


The names of the persons who will represent Legia at the tournament are kept secret - in the coming days, the Club will present the members of the team that will compete with the European strongest teams in FIFA17, and in the coming weeks, the Club’s strategy for e-sports will be presented.


The tournament, organized in cooperation with the international e-sports agency Qwatti who specialises in converging Sports and eSports worlds, through its broad network of partners, content creation and event management expertise, will begin on Saturday (5 November 2016) at 1.00 pm, the grand finale is scheduled for Sunday (6 November 2016), 1.30 pm. The competition will be broadcast live on dedicated Internet platforms.


For press and photo passes please contact: iza.kus@legia.pl

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