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2014-12-08 13:14:00

New official partner: Wezyr Holidays Coral Travel

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak
Wezyr Holiday Coral Travel joined the group of Legia Warsaw official partners. The cooperation which was established in February 2014, was now prolonged for another three years. The company has become the travel partner of the Club.
Wezyr Holiday Coral Travel is one of the biggest travel companies in Poland and a part of the international travel syndicate OTI Holding. Since the values of fair play and teamwork, as well as determination to pursue one's goal and mutual respect present in the game of football fit well to the holding's and Wezyr Holiday Coral Travel's strategy, the touroperator decide on a long-term support of Legia Warsaw.

'Sports and tourism have much in common, they bring people and different cultures together, acting in international enviroment. That's why sponsoring Legia Warsaw by our strong 15-year-old brand is a great duet for the "Champion Holidays". We're happy to be Legia travel partner, which gives us an opportunity to show our brand to the fans gathered in the stadium and those watching the Ekstraklasa and Europa League games on TV. The experience drawn from last months shows that sponsoring the Club is largely beneficial to us, contributing to our brand's recognition among people who like to recreate actively. We decided to broaden our promotional and marketing cooperation,' said the CEO of Wezyr Holidays Coral Travel Kaan Ergun.

'The cooperation between Legia Warsaw and Wezyr Holidays Coral Travel is a perfect example of the way which many of our partners undergo. It starts with a small cooperation which lets both sides get to know each other and investigate the business efects of the promotion at Pepsi Arena and then leads to bigger actions. We're happy to gain a partner which - just like us - is a brand that's well-recognised in Europe. We're counting that our fans will soon get to know Wezyr Holidays Coral Travel's quality, as many special offers were made for them,' said the Club's Vice president Jakub Szumielewicz.

OTI Holding has existed for 22 years and currently offers 52 holiday destinations in 28 countries around the globe with departures from over 60 airports, which so far has been used by over 3 million tourists. The OTI Group associates companies from 7 countries and organises foreign travels, provides security services and servies for its customers during their holidays and manages hotels and airlines. OTI Holding's revenue in 2013 exceeded 2 billion dollars.
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