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2015-11-03 11:50:00

PKP CARGO Develops Cooperation with the Legia Football Academy

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak
As a result of the aggreement with Legia Warsaw, PKP CARGO has become the official partner of the Legia Football Academy for young talents. As the Business Partner of the Club, PKP CARGO recognises the need to support football players by develeoping their passion for sports since the from the early age.

The aggreement has been signed for the 2015-16 season and includes all Academy. In accordance with its content, PKP CARGO obtained the title of the Official Partner of the Legia Warsaw Football Academy. PKO CARGO's commitment to supporting the Academy is an effect of satisfying cooperation until now.


"So far PKO CARGO was a partner of one team in the Academy," admits Jakub Szumielewicz, Vice president of Legia Warsaw. "That is why I am glad that this relation has been expanded, and now PKP CARGO is going to support the whole system of training the youth in our Club. We base each relationship with our business partners on trust, which makes even more happy that our cooperation with PKP CARGO enters new level," he added.


"Commitment to the youth growth through sports is an expression of PKP CARGO's social responsibility," said Beata Jurkschat, Head of Marketing Department at PKP CARGO. "Sports convey values which are crucial when it comes to forming individual behaviours and social relations. Passion, determination and constant development are necessary in sports, but also in business. These values are also appreciated by PKP CArGO. We have great respect and admiration for the way Legia Warsaw commit to upbringing of the next generations of Polish footballers. The professionalism of the Legia Academy and using best practices known from big European clubs guarantee that youngsters are being brough up well," she added.


The Legia Warsaw Football Academy is a unique project in Poland, which aims at complexive training of the future generations of Polish footballers. The model of working with over 200 young players is constantly developed on the basis of the best European practices.


"Our motto is 'Get better each day'," said Szumielewicz. "We believe that our players should not only play excellent football, but also build their characters on respect, honesty, modesty and conscientiousness. Only then can they become better human beings and members of society, nevermind how they football career goes," he added.


The PKP CARGO group is the biggest in Poland and the second in Europe rail freight operator, which offers its clients integrated logistic chains, which include land transport, air transport and maritime transport.

    Legia Warszawa

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