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2014-08-13 10:00:00

Publications about the Legia vs Celtic case for international media

Autor: Legia Warszawa
Due to the decision made by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body which declared the second game between Legia and Celtic forfeit Legia Warsaw has been thrown out of the Champions League play-off stage.

International media on Legia's appeal to CAS

August 19th

Talk Sport: Celtic will play on in Champions League as Legia Warsaw fail with latest appeal

Legia Warsaw were kicked out of the competition, despite their 6-1 aggregate victory over Celtic in the third qualifying round, for fielding an ineligible player in the tie.



Allsports.com.gh: Denied Justice. Legia Warsaw coach Henning Berg fires one more shot at UEFA

"This is as expected. When UEFA refused a quick handling of the case as it stood, we saw that it was most likely that we would not be successful," Berg told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.



My Joy Online: Legia Warsaw's appeal to CAS to be reinstated to the Champions League is rejected

Legia Warsaw have had their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to be reinstated to the Champions League qualifiers rejected.



Daily News: Celtic safe after Legia Warsaw’s Champions League appeal is rejected

Legia Warsaw have had their move to be reinstated in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League at the expense of Celtic rejected.The Polish champions had taken their case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport just after becoming expelled from the competition...



Express: Celtic’s Euro joy as Court of Arbitration reject Legia Warsaw's appeal

CELTIC will compete in the Champions League play-offs after the Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected Legia Warsaw's bid to be provisionally reinstated - but the Polish club have vowed to fight on.


August 18th

Daily Record: Celtic confirmed back in Champions League as Legia Warsaw lose final appeal in Court of Arbitration

CELTIC'S place in the Champions League has been confirmed as Legia Warsaw lost their final appeal this afternoon.



Sports Illustrated: Legia Warsaw's appeal to CAS rejected, Celtic moves on

Legia Warsaw's appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against expulsion from the Champions League has been rejected, and Celtic will keep its place in the league’s playoff round, the court announced Monday.


August 17th

New Straits Time: Legia Warsaw Champions League appeal set for tomorrow

Legia Warsaw will find out tomorrow if they will be reinstated into the Champions League at Celtic’s expense when the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) rules on the case.


August 16th

The Extra: Legia launch last-gasp appeal

Legia Warsaw have mounted a last-gasp bid to overturn their elimination from the Champions League and reclaim the play-off place that was handed to Celtic.


BBC: Legia Warsaw dismayed by Uefa stance over Cas fast-track bid

Legia Warsaw are "disappointed" Uefa did not support an expedited Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) ruling over their Champions League punishment.



August 15th

BBC: Legia Warsaw Champions League Appeal Submitted to Cas

Legia Warsaw have submitted their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) after losing their Champions League place to Celtic.



Daily Mail: Celtic sweat on Champions League fate after Court of Arbitration for Sport agree to hear Legia Warsaw's case

Celtic face an anxious wait to discover if their Champions League play-off clash with Maribor will go ahead next week after it emerged the Court for Arbitration for Sport will now hear Legia Warsaw’s case on Monday.



Eurosport: Legia Warsaw go to CAS over Champions League forfeit

Polish champions Legia Warsaw have appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the forfeit which led to them being eliminated from the Champions League despite beating Celtic 6-1 on aggregate.



RTE Sport: Legia still seeking fast resolution in Celtic saga

More confusion surrounds Legia Warsaw's bid to win their Champions League place back from Celtic after their chairman claimed UEFA had denied them the chance of a swift hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.



Backpage Football: Celtic row leaves a bad taste, but there may still be a sweetener for Legia

“It’s a grand old team to play for,” begins the famous theme song which has been heard at Celtic Park for more than 50 years; after the events of the past 10 days, few could argue otherwise. Where else could players lose home and away, going down 6-1 on aggregate, and still pick up a win bonus? It’s a grand old team bedad.



Sky Sports: CAS to hear Legia Warsaw appeal on Monday

The Court of Arbitration for Sport will hear Legia Warsaw's appeal against Champions League exclusion on Monday.



Talk Sport: Not over yet Celtic! Legia Warsaw make final appeal to stay in the Champions League

Legia Warsaw have submitted a last-gasp appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after losing their Champions League place to Celtic.



Fox Sports: Legia Warsaw seeks CAS ruling to play in Champions League next week

Legia Warsaw has filed an urgent appeal with sport's highest court to be reinstated in the Champions League playoff round next week.



Allsports.com.gh: Legia Warsaw take UEFA Champions League appeal to CAS

Legia Warsaw will turn to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in a latest bid to keep their UEFA Champions League campaign alive.


August 15th


Legia Warsaw's press release on the appeal to CAS


Legia Warsaw informs that today the appeal against the decision of UEFA Appeals Body (13/08/2014) has been issued to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), as well as the request for provisional measure: temporary reinstation of Legia to the UEFA Champions League play-off round.

Standing against UEFA has never been our aim, we wanted to oppose against the regulations which are obviously against the fair-play and the spirit of sport - claims Dariusz Mioduski, the Chariman of Legia Warsaw. - Therefore we are surprised and disappointed with UEFA decision not to support our application for fast-track procedure at CAS, despite we have been promised so.

Fast-track procedure at CAS could let issue a final verdict next Monday, before the first matches of UCL and UEFA Europa League play-off matches. Now the final decision of CAS is expected within the regular period of three months. Under these surprising circumstances of UEFA decision's change, the Club has applied to the CAS for the provisional measure mentioned above.

We have asked CAS to suspend the 0:3 forfeit until the final decision, accept on-the-pitch result and reinstate our Club to the UCL play-off round - explains Mioduski. - We are aware that making such a heavy decision requires not only a strong conviction about Legia's legitimacy and chanse for final success, but courage as well. We believe that CAS will investigate the case mainly on the level of rationality and proportionality of the decisions of UEFA disciplinary body and the spirit of the game. We still hope that finally football and fair-play will win.

CAS should decide on Monday. Regrardless this verdict, the coach and players are focused on their duties. The team is mentally very strong - our today's victory over Jagiellonia proved that. We are currently preparing for the match against Aktobe - says Bogusław Leśnodorski, President of Legia's Board.

The Club informs that the decision of CAS made on Monday will be announced by another release, as well as Legia's next steps.

August 14th

International media on UEFA's rejecting Legia's appeal

The Celebrity Cafe: Glasgow Celtic remain in Champions League after UEFA rejects Legia Warsaw's appeal

Legia lost their appeal to be reinstated into the Champions League after feilding an illegal player cost them their spot



STV: Celtic remain in Champions League as Legia Warsaw lose UEFA appeal

Celtic will participate in the Champions League play-off round after Legia Warsaw’s appeal against UEFA sanctions failed.



The Scotsman: Legia Warsaw UEFA appeal thrown out

Legia hoped that UEFA would show leniency and put “football first” prior to their hearing with representatives of the governing body, which took place Wednesday. However, it has officially been confirmed that UEFA have turned down the appeal.



The Scotsman: Legia accuse Uefa of blocking CAS hearing

MORE confusion surrounds Legia Warsaw’s bid to win their Champions League place back from Celtic after their chairman claimed UEFA had denied them the chance of a swift hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.



The Guardian: Celtic wait as Legia Warsaw vow to take Champions League appeal to Cas

Celtic could face more European uncertainty despite Legia Warsaw’s failure to persuade Uefa to overturn their effective expulsion from the Champions League.



The Herald: Legia lose UEFA appeal but vow to keep fighting

LEGIA Warsaw will fight the decision to exclude them from the Champions League, with Celtic now scheduled to face Maribor of Slovenia in the play-off round next week.



Yahoo! Sports: UEFA rejects Legia Warsaw appeal over Champions League

Celtic held on to their controversial Champions League berth on Thursday, as UEFA rejected an appeal from Legia Warsaw over their dramatic exit from the competition.



Eurosport: Legia Warsaw launch last-gasp appeal as Celtic made to sweat

Legia Warsaw have mounted a last-gasp bid to overturn their elimination from the Champions League and reclaim the play-off place that was handed to Celtic.



Daily Mail: Legia Warsaw owner claims he would have handed tie to Celtic after UEFA turn down club's Champions League appeal

Legia Warsaw owner claims if roles were reversed he would have handed tie to Celtic after UEFA turn down club's Champions League appeal.



DPA International: UEFA turns down Legia Warsaw appeal

Legia Warsaw appeal against their Champions League ejection for fielding an ineligible player has been turned down, the ruling body UEFA said Thursday.



Zee News: Legia Warsaw lose appeal against Champions League elimination

Polish champions Legia Warsaw have lost an appeal to UEFA against their elimination from the Champions League after they fielded a suspended player against Celtic, the club`s co-owner Dariusz Mioduski said on Thursday.



August 14th


Legia's statement on the UEFA's decision

Legia Warsaw informs, that the UEFA Appeals Body, second instance disciplinary body, has rejected Club's appeal for the 0:3 forfeit second leg match of third round of Champions League qualifications.

Till the last moment we hoped that the spirit of sport wins, we find the decision extremely unfair - says Dariusz Mioduski, Legia's Chairman - However we expected that decision and were prepared for it. We are to appeal to the CAS promptly. We will use the full appeal procedure, in order to get back our result that was fairly gained on the pitch. We will certainly fully subordinate to the final verdict. But I still hope that football will win, as well as the values it is based on: fair-play and respect to the on-the-pitch result.

- We hope that CAS will judge our case as soon as possible - says Bogusław Leśnodorski, President of Legia's Board - We don't give up and keep fighting. Our lawyers are now working hard on the case, while the team prepares for the forthcoming matches. We aim high as always. 

The Club will keep everyone updated about the following steps. No further comments on the decision of UEFA Appeals Body will be released at this moment.


Comment made by Legia's Chairman Dariusz Mioduski:



Legia's press release on the UEFA Appeals Body hearing from 13th August

The meeting of the UEFA Appeal Body was held in the morning, with Legia Warszawa co-owner Dariusz Mioduski and his associates present. The atmosphere during the meeting was fully professional and the Club’s representatives were granted the possibility to thoroughly present their stand on the issue. The decision of the UEFA Appeal Body is to be announced in the evening or tomorrow morning.

Legia Warszawa would like to thank the UEFA disciplinary bodies for the prompt organisation of the appeal procedure. At the same time, we would like to inform you that until the official decision of the UEFA Appeal Body is announced the Club will not issue any further communication.


August 12th


An open letter from Legia Warszawa

Dear Friends,

Football is our common passion. We are deeply convinced this beautiful game should be based on universal values – shared by everyone who enters the pitch to compete for victory. Those values, widely accept by the entire European football family, are: football first, fair play and respect.

Over previous days we have been closely following the decisions of European football authorities. We believe the most crucial element of the game is the result settled in honest and fair competition on the pitch, as highlighted in the UEFA values: “Football First”! We are responsible for the fate of the game and we should all feel obliged to protect the beautiful football heritage based on these superior values for the generations to come.

We all hope that all decisions made over next days and forever after will respect the spirit of the game that begins and ends on the pitch. Join us if you support football united around the idea of fair play, respect and sports competition.

#LetFootballWin #NiechWygraFutbol 

You can also read this letter here


Legia's statement on the possibility of appeal

We understand that acting under the pressure of time and circumstances, the Chairman of the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body literally applied Art. 21.02 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations. Meanwhile, we wish to express our faith that the UEFA Appeal Body will explore the following possibilities: 

1) On the basis of Art. 17.01 and Art. 17.02 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations the disciplinary body determines the type and extent of the disciplinary measure in accordance with the objective and subjective aspects of the offence; in cases where all aspects of the offence have been revealed by the party charged and after taking into account both aggravating and mitigating circumstances, it may scale down the disciplinary measure or even nullify it altogether.

2) On the basis of Art. 20.01 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations the ruled disciplinary measure (match forfeited 0:3 in favour for Celtic FC) may be suspended.

Meanwhile, we wish to inform that the abovementioned argumentation will be used by the Club at every stage of the appeal process.

August 10th

Dariusz Mioduski's letter to Celtic F.C.

Dear Sirs,

Celtic FC is one of the European football legends, a Club with a remarkable heritage, that has contributed to the history of the world's most beautiful game. This legend is based not only on the great on-the-field successes, but also on determination and attachment to values such as honesty and honour. The successive generations of wonderful, devoted fans of "The Bhoys" glorify their Club all around the world. Thanks to that, for many reasons Celtic FC has been our role model.

Legia Warsaw is also a Club with strong  character and a brave  heart. Our history is not as long or successful, however we can proudly look both back and  ahead.  Almost 100 years of our difficult history, inseparably bound with the tough fate of Poland and the city of Warsaw, prove one certain thing - we never give up and value honour the most.

Double victory over Celtic FC in the third qualification round of the UEFA Champions League, firmly but fairly gained on the pitch, was a big success for us. It led us closer to the big dream of the entire generation of our fans: to reach the group stage of the UCL for the first time in 19 years. We found it deeply unfair and contradictory to the fair-play rules to see our dreams   shattered by the last  4 minutes of the already decided second leg match,   when Bartosz Bereszynski was brought on the pitch. Our player had served the full sentence and intentionally missed first three matches in the UCL qualifications this season.

Celtic FC went down in the history with one of the most beautiful stories of European football in 1967, after beating mighty Inter Milan managed by Helenio Herrera in the European Cup final. Could you imagine Jock Stein and Billy McNeill deprived of the chance to achieve the biggest triumph in their   career by an application form, filled improperly by the Club employee acting in good faith? Would any true legend of Celtic FC accept the qualification won despite the double defeat suffered on the  pitch?  I am strongly convinced,   that  their legendary Celtic pride would not allow them to do that. How could they then look in the eyes of their humiliated fans?

I therefore call on you to refer to your best traditions of honour and honesty, that your famous Club has been known for during last 126 years. Do not destroy the beautiful legacy, that you inherited from the past generations of "The Bhoys". I call you to act according to the spirit of the game and the rules of fair play - to issue a joint statement to the UEFA disciplinary bodies. Let's meet in Warsaw or Glasgow and settle this matter honourably.

Willie Maley, the legendary manager of Celtic FC, once said, that in your stadium "a man is judged by his football alone". Only you can decide whether this noble credo will be replaced by an opportunistic use of legal loopholes.

Many Celtic FC fans bear the "Keep the  Faith!" motto on their flags, jerseys, tattoos and in their hearts. I will be thinking about it while awaiting your answer.

Sincerely yours,

Dariusz Mioduski, Chairman

Bogusław Leśnodorski's letter to UEFA

Dear Sirs,

With reference to a decision taken on 8th August, 2014, by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body resulting in the exclusion of our Club from the play-off round of the Champions League competition, taken despite the fact that we secured our qualification on the football pitch, we expect to receive immediate written justification of the decision.

In order to seek justice and adherence to the Fair Play principle, we are forced to resort to the appeal procedures. One of the requirements of the appeal is that we are obliged to obtain written justification of the decision given by The UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body. Although regulations do not specify precise deadlines within which the Body is obligated to provide such justification, we strongly believe it will be handed over to us immediately, allowing us to pursue the path of appeal before the commencement of the Champions League play-off round.

When our Club was duly informed, on 7th  August 2014, about a disciplinary action initiated against us, without any delay we responded with a declaration of readiness to actively participate in the proceedings, as one of the parties involved, and prepared comprehensive explanations, which were passed over to the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body. The entire documentation, attachments and translations of the necessary documents have been submitted to UEFA within 16 hours since the receipt of the information concerning initiation of the disciplinary action. On the day when the verdict was announced, that is on 8th August, 2014, the Club's President, accompanied by other representatives of the Club, was present in the UEFA Nyon offices, prepared to provide further explanatory statements and present the Club's official position in the matter in question. Unfortunately, despite prior assurances from the UEFA representatives regarding our presence in the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body proceedings, we were denied such right. In our opinion, the unprecedented character of the case called for our presence, according to Art. 51 point 2 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations. After the proceedings have been concluded, the Chairman of the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, who was fully aware of our presence in the UEFA offices, did not even pass the decision to us directly. We were appalled by this behavior and felt both discriminated and disregarded in this extraordinary   situation.

We would like to believe that values laid out in the UEFA "Eleven Values", especially the Fair Play principle, in which the European football family believe (and so do we, as we consider ourselvesas a part of that community), shall always be respected. We are deeply convinced that the final result of the match, achieved in a fair way on the pitch, should prevail. Our belief has been strongly reinforced these days by the reaction of the European football community who, in their entirety, are outraged by this attempt to negate an unquestionable victory on the pitch by means of a verdict that stands in clear juxtaposition with the spirit of Fair Playcompetition.

We are fully aware that the situation we all face is both unprecedented and extraordinary. We understand that the disciplinary UEFA body worked under the pressure of time and circumstances. Yet, we are deeply convinced that an immediate and thorough investigation by The UEFA Appeals Body will result in a verdict that adheres to the principle of proportionality and, consequently, will strengthen millions of football fans in their belief that our beautiful game is fair and free of any suspicion.

Hoping that football, Fair Play, and true sportsmanship shall prevail in the end,

Yours faithfully,

Bogusław Leśnodorski, President of the Management Board.


International media about the Legia vs Celtic case

BBC: Legia Warsaw outline bid to reclaim Champions League place

Legia Warsaw have outlined their grounds of appeal against their banishment from the Champions League and Celtic's resulting reinstatement.


The New York Times: Justice served up the UEFA way

When Michel Platini campaigned for the highest office of European soccer seven years ago, he vowed to make players more important to the sport than administrators.

In many ways, Platini delivered on that promise. But unless UEFA now reverses a decision made a few days ago, the notion of fair play on the field is discredited even before the new Champions League season fully begins.



Inside World Football: Why doing the right thing over Legia might be in Celtic's long term interests

I am surely not alone in thinking both a) that it was the correct decision for UEFA to make, but b) that, in this particular case, the punishment seems disproportionate given the circumstances of the tie. I had therefore come around to the view that Celtic ought to contact UEFA to politely decline the second chance they had been handed, while harbouring few illusions about the prospects of this actually happening.



The Guardian: Do Celtic deserve to progress past Legia Warsaw in the Champions League?

Mioduski has a way with words and a passion for rhetoric, but he also has a point: if Uefa are bound by their rulebook, perhaps Celtic should do the honourable thing and let the better team go through. Celtic were given a chance to go against their own interests and enhance their reputation, but instead they passed the buck back to Uefa, saying they were “disappointed by Legia Warsaw’s comments” and that the matter is “entirely a matter for Uefa and its processes”.


Daily Star: Hey, Celtic - we just want to talk about it! Legia Warsaw plead with Scots over Euro exit

Scotland's champions lost 6-1 on aggregate against Legia but regained their tournament place when the Poles were thrown out for including an ineligible sub for four minutes of the second leg.

Legia have appealed to UEFA and if that fails they plan to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.



Scotzine: UEFA’s decision is ‘absolutely devastating’ for Polish football

Season after season I’d watched different Polish champions be defeated by stronger opposition, and I expected it to happen again. To my surprise, Legia defeated Celtic 4-1 in the first leg. In the second leg I thought it would be more difficult. I was even fearful that 4-1 might not be enough. I could see Celtic managing a 3-0 win [the irony], yet Legia won again, 2-0, and there was no doubt who the better side was over the two games.



Sportskeeda: Legia Warsaw request Celtic for a meeting to decide Champions League fate

Legia Warsaw have appealed to Celtic to let the two sides decide Champions League progression after the Polish side’s bureaucratic error of fielding an ineligible during a match between the two sides led to their ouster from the competition. 



FOX Sports: Legia hopeful their Champions League exit will be overturned

Legia Warsaw remain furious over their Champions League exit but are still optimistic of being reinstated as they continue to chase Celtic to agree to talks for a resolution.



Reuters: Legia call on Celtic to withdraw from Champions League

Polish sources said Legia were happy to have a meeting with Celtic officials in Glasgow or Warsaw to discuss the matter but were not suggesting a one-off match. The club have accused Celtic of ignoring their telephone calls and emails.



ESPN: Legia Warsaw ask Celtic to 'do the honourable thing'

Celtic were awarded a 3-0 win, meaning they went through on away goals after a 4-4 draw and were drawn against Slovenian side Maribor in the Champions League play-off, with the Warsaw club dropping into the Europa League.



BBC: Legia Warsaw ask Celtic for meeting

Legia Warsaw have issued an open letter to Celtic requesting a "meeting" to decide which side should progress to the Champions League play-off round.



Mirror: Legia Warsaw send letter to Celtic asking for meeting to decide Champions League progress

The Polish side sealed a 6-1 aggregate win in the third qualifying round but were punished for fielding an ineligible player.



The Guardian: Legia Warsaw request meeting with Celtic over Champions League place

Celtic were beaten 6-1 on aggregate in the third qualifying round but, because the Polish champions fielded the ineligible Bartosz Bereszynski as a substitute in the second leg, Ronny Deila’s side were handed a 3-0 walkover win and therefore progressed on away goals.



Daily Mail: Celtic 'ignored calls and emails' that could have let Legia Warsaw keep Champions League place, says Polish football chief

Celtic were gifted a place in the play-off round of Europe's top tier competition despite losing 6-1 on aggregate to Legia in the third qualifying round - courtesy of an admin mistake with the victors bringing on an ineligible player.

Legia were stripped of their Champions League status and Polish FA chairman Zbigniew Boniek claims Celtic were unreachable as the saga unravelled, with calls and emails that could have seen their opponents put through ignored.



Daily Record: Celtic accused of behaviour 'not befitting a great club' and blanking calls for leniency for Legia Warsaw in the wake of Champions League exit

POLISH football great Zbigniew Boniek has revealed how the club attempted to contact Celtic in an attempt to persuade them to accept a reduced punishment from UEFA after Legia fielded an ineligible player.



Sky Sports: Celtic stance dissapoints Legia

A phone interview with Dariusz Mioduski, Legia's owner.


Zee News India: Disqualified Legia Warsaw talks of appealing to UEFA

Polish fans` reactions range from criticism of the club`s incompetence to an attack on UEFA`s strictness, accusing the organisation of discrimination. In a similar case four years ago, Hungarian club Debrecen were simply fined 15,000 euros.



Kansas.com: Celtic rejects impassioned plea by Legia

Celtic has rejected a plea by Legia Warsaw to give up its place in the Champions League playoffs in favor of the Polish team.



The Herald: Celtic fans should feel ashamed if Legia lose appeal, says Dziekanowski

DARIUSZ DZIEKANOWSKI has launched a blistering assault on his former club Celtic by branding them "the laughing stock of world football" and insisting they will only go on to shame themselves on the field again should they be given the green light to remain in the Champions League.



Marca: El Legia había eliminado al Celtic en primera ronda

UEFA ha sancionado al club polaco con la derrota por 3-0 en el partido de vuelta (el resultado previo de la sanción fue 0-2) y ese resultado clasifica al conjunto escocés que perdió 4-1 en Polonia, y que, por goal average, consigue clasificarse para la siguiente ronda de la Champions.



O Jogo: Legia exluído da Liga dos Campeoes

Bartosz Bereszynski foi suspenso por três jogos e o Legia considerou que o jogador tinha cumprido o castigo nos encontros da segunda pré-eliminatória, frente o St Patrick's, e na primeira mão da ronda com o Celtic, mas o Comité de Controlo e Disciplina da UEFA entende que, como o jogador não estava inscrito na altura dos encontros com os irlandeses, ainda tinha duas partidas por cumprir.



Record: Légia Varsóvia apresenta recurso sobre afastamento

Os polacos do Légia de Varsóvia apresentaram recurso da decisão da UEFA de os afastar da Liga dos Campeões de futebol, entregando a vaga ao Celtic de Glasgow.



O Globo: Celtic herda vaga do Légia Varsóvia

A maior surpresa do sorteio foi a aparição do Celitc entre os classificados. A equipe da Escócia perdeu os dois jogos para o Légia Varsóvia, da Polônia, mas herdou a vaga após o time polonês ter colocado em campo o zagueiro Bartosz Bereszynski, que estava suspenso e não poderia jogar. O curioso é que o atleta jogou apenas os dois últimos minutos da segunda partida.





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