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2014-12-08 06:33:00

The Young Legionnaire's Passport

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Jacek Prondzynski
Each visit to Pepsi Arena is a day to remember for all of our young fans and it's worth immortalising to become a keepsake for life. We proudly present to you the Young Legionnaire's Passport, a small and unique book in which kids can keep record of all the Legia games they've attended and collect the players' autographs.

What is the Young Legionnaire's Passport?

It's an elegant and special book, where every child can write down the Legia games they've attended, collect stamps with dates of the matches and collect the players' autographs. The Young Legionnaire's Passport serves as a tool to share the Legia experience among peers and an original souvenir to remember the matches you've seen live.There's also place in the YLP to enter your children's personal data, photo and your phone number so if ever your kid gets lost at our stadium we'll be able to contact you right away.

How to get the Young Legionnaire's Passport?

The Young Legionnaire's Passport is given for free to all the kids from the Family Zone. If you sit in other sections, you can purchase the YLP at our retail store for 9 PLN.

'The premiere of the Young Legionnaire's Passport is another step - after expanding the Family Zone - which proves how much we care for our youngest fans. During each game we give with many fun attractions provided by experienced companies and now we offer kids a keepsake for life. In a few years this passport will be a symbol of the Legia way of life that they've chosen together with their parents,' said the Club's Vice president Jakub Szumielewicz.

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