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2016-09-07 10:00:00

Together Among Champions

Autor: Roberto Cura
Legia Warszawa will be taking part in one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of football. We are playing for the whole of Poland! In connection with this we are starting a nationwide campaign.

Legia is proud of Warsaw’s heritage and has never been shy to show it. However, at this moment when we will be up against the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Sporting Lisbon and Real Madrid, we are not representing just the capital, we are representing the whole of Poland. We wish to open up to everyone and look past our differences, to celebrate football together at its highest level. Forming the Club into a prestigious, and international brand should involve everyone. 


- Legia’s qualification for the UEFA Champions League is a historic feat, where our club will not only be representing the capital, but the whole of Poland and all the Poles living abroad. It’s a time, where the whole nation will be keeping their fingers crossed for us. When we will be on that pitch, facing the champions of Europe, we will be representing all Polish football clubs. With this in mind and understanding how big a success this is, we invite all supporters to join in with us and feel that they too belong among the elite; something we’ve all been waiting a long time for. These emotions, this historic time, this pride, belongs to all Polish people, not just us. The slogan “Together Among Champions” underlines this fact, and so we’d like to make it visible throughout the country – admits Vice President of Legia Warszawa, Jakub Szumielewicz. 


This slogan will soon be hanging all over the country on large format posters – from the sea to the Tatra, from Legnica to Biała Podlaska. We’re playing for the whole of Poland. Here are the numbers regarding the “Together Among Champions” campaign:

•Adverts on 200 bus shelters around Warsaw

•4 large format posters in Warsaw and surrounding areas

•34 billboards sized 12x4m next to express roads, motorways and entrances/exists to Poland’s biggest cities

•4 large format cardboard cut-outs next to motorways and express roads

•60 billboards located in various cities around Poland











    Legia Warszawa

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