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2015-10-09 16:24:00

Use Wi-Fi at the Legia Stadium!

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak
Fans who come to matches played at the Legia Stadium can now use open-access network ''Fortuna Wi-Fi.'' Completing the work crowns the first stage of operations connected to building and implementing the Wi-Fi network and a service platform at the Legia Stadium in Warsaw.

The network enables connection to high speed Internet at the whole Legia Stadium, as well as other facilities located at 3 Łazienkowska Street, such as the Club offices, Legia FanStore and the Sports Bar.


The Wi-Fi infrastructure was designed in order for 31,000 fans gathered at the stadium to connect to the Internet efficiently and without mishaps. It consists of:


- 153 access points at the stands, offices, FanStore and Sports Bar;

- a dozen or so other devices, such as aggregation switches, Wi-Fi controllers, routers and Ericsson Wi-Fi Manager system;

- 10 kilometres of fiber-optic cables, network cables and electric cables.



'Eight months after signing the agreement we completed first stage of works for Legia and Ericsson's common project. We are proud to implement the Wi-Fi project at the stadium as the first club in Poland and one of the first clubs in Europe. This way we strenghtened our position as the leader of innovation in the sports business. Our contentment is even bigger, because we cooperate with a company which has a recognised brand. We completed the first stage of works, but the Wi-Fi connection at the Legia Stadium is not everything. In the near future we are going to implement further improvement for the fans, which will make matchdays even more attractive,' said Jakub Szumielewicz, Vice president of Legia Warsaw Management Board.



From the left: Jakub Szumielewicz, Vice president of Legia Warsaw Management Board; Wiktor Cegła, Legia Warsaw CMO


'I would like to thank Legia and the people who execute the project. I hope that technology will bring a lot of joy to the fans who come to the Legia games,' Oliver Kanzi, President of Management Board of Ericsson Poland said at the press conference. 'The project started in February, and on April 10 we started works at the stadium. What was crucial was radio designing, carried out by an international team, specifically for Legia. The works and our cooperation ran perfectly,' Piotr Rosiak, project manager, added.


Oliver Kanzi, President of Management Board of Ericsson Poland


'This is just the beginning. We treat open-access Wi-Fi connection at the whole stadium as the basis for launching other projects, which will facilitate the experience Legia fans get at the games. We plan to develop our mobile app and add stadium services to it. Later this year we want to introduce a possibility to order food from the catering points with delivery to the exact seat. Purchasing products from Legia FanStore will be available in the same way in the future,' Wiktor Cegła, CMO at Legia Warsaw, said.



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