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2014-12-07 13:51:00

Warsaw Tattoo Convention drew crowds

Autor: Kacper Ruszczak Fot. Mateusz Kostrzewa
In the last weekend of November the second edition of international tattoo festival "Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2014" took place at the Legia Warsaw stadium. Almost 200 artists from Poland and abroad showed their amazing skills to the crowds of fans who gathered in the Pepsi Arena's Silver Section.
Just like last year, the "Warsaw Tattoo Convention" drew crowds to our stadium, as faces known to all Legia fans participated in the festival. The chant leader from the famous "Żyleta" stand was one of the artists and the Club's president Bogusław Leśnodorski - a big fan of tattoo himself - watched the artists' work with great interest. 

"Warsaw Tattoo Convention" is one of the biggest events of such type in Poland. This year the convention was organised by the Juniorink Najgorsze Studio w Mieście and Azazel Milanówek tattoo shops and the WTC's media patron was the "Magazyn Tattoofest" magazine.

The spectators who came to Pepsi Arena could see famous artists at work and get to know the exhibitors' products. There were also contests for the best tattoo made during the second edition of "Warsaw Tattoo Convention".

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