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2016-05-20 11:15:00

You were always there, where our Legia played. Thank you!

Autor: Anthony Lowrey Fot. Paweł Grabowski
Legia Warsaw would like to thank the effort of the fans.

Dear fans!


Behind us is the long and tough season of 2015/16 - a season, in which the whole community of Legia Warsaw aimed for one objective: to win the Polish championship in the year, in which we are celebrating the centenary of our club.


They prevailed. May 2016 will be remembered as one of the most beautiful months in the club’s history. First of all, for the eighteenth time, Legia won the Polish Cup. Less than two weeks later, they dotted the “i”, winning the last match of the season and not leaving any delusions, of to whom belongs the Ekstraklasa title.


Last Sunday, we celebrated reverently, and above all else - together. Those triumphant moments which we experienced together in the Old Town - and there were a few dozen thousand of us - rewarded us for those months of nerves and uncertainty, which always accompanies football rivalries.


Behind us are ten months of fighting for what is ours. 57 matches, in which the course of the game didn’t always go according to plan. However, in every tough moment, the players could count on you. You were always there, where our Legia played.


Thank you for the support. Thank you, that in 2016, you always filled the stands at Łazienkowska 3. Thank you for the trust. We are are very pleased that we didn’t disappoint.


We are fully aware of the fact, that were it not for the fans, attaining a double title would not have been possible. Without you, winning trophies would be pointless.


For the whole 2015/16 season,

For the cheers and support,

For the joint celebrations,

Thank you.

Legia Warsaw

    Legia Warszawa

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