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2018-03-29 16:09:00

10 years of ECA

Author: Jakub Mieżejewski Photo: Source:
Representatives from 163 member clubs attended the European Club Association’s (ECA) 20th General Assembly, the organisation’s 10-year anniversary event, in Rome, Italy. Dariusz Mioduski is the vice-president of ECA.

 Addressing the members for the first time in his capacity as ECA Chairman, Andrea Agnelli, in the presence of the FIFA and UEFA President respectively, underlined the importance of preserving the game moving forward and shaping the future of European club football jointly with all stakeholders. He emphasised the importance of a balanced international match calendar beyond 2024, including coordinated release periods, the alignment of confederation tournaments and, very importantly, the protection of the main actors, the players.


The discussion also concerned evolutionary changes in the transfer system, requiring very precise regulation, not to increase the buffer between the richest and poorer clubs, and to coordinate the schedules of league, cup and national team games. ECA members were also focused on financial fair play regulations.


The European Club Association was established as an independent organization representing the interests of clubs in Europe in January 2008. Each country has at least one representative. The total number of members has increased from 137 to 230 over the last decade.


"I wish ECA to become the strongest football organization in the world in the next 10 years, strong representative of the clubs which are their members" said Dariusz Mioduski, the current president of Legia Warszawa, who has been the vice-president of the association since September last year.


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