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2017-10-02 18:42:00

Club's Statement

Legia Warsaw informs that a thorough analysis is underway of the incidents which took place at night (October 1/2) after the team had returned from Poznań, where they had lost the game against Lech.

First findings suggest that a group of people entered the stadium in accordance to the accepted practice exercised after away games, which did not give the security a reason to worry. Unfortunately, after the team bus drove to the car park, a heated discussion and a struggle started with the players and members of the coaching staff, which lasted for approximately 8 minutes.


The club is aware of strong emotions resulting from the team's failure, but unequivocally condemns expressing them in a way which differs from generally accepted rules.


The basic rule in Legia should be that of mutual respect. Even at difficult and conflictual times the club will not tolerate actions which break social norms.


Legia will continue the thorough analysis of all the facts connected to the incident and, on the basis of the drawn conclusions, will take any steps possible to ensure safety of all the players and employees.


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