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2017-10-04 17:37:00

Dariusz Mioduski: This should never have happened

After the Lech vs Legia match on Sunday, an incident took place which should never have happened. Rules governing the club and the fans were broken. It is inexplicable that fans attacked their own players.

The police are on the case already. They have means necessary to explain the course of the whole incident. The club cooperates with them. We will also draw conclusions from the unacceptable situation, when the fans claiming to be the away group freely move around the club's facilities. We will seal this system and change procedures regarding it. It needs to said loud and clear that the security sytem failed and needs changes. Such incidents can never take place again.


Due to the fact that the incident did not happened during a mass event, we are unable to exercise the means resulting from a proper law and issue stadium bans for the people participating in the incident.


To me, personally, the incident is sad also because the act of fans using violence against the players undermines the foundations of Legia Warsaw's identity. Legia is a club which stands with the players regardless of the sports results; a club which never gives up, always fights until the end, and does it together. Legia survived the times when the results did not match the current ambitions of the fans. But it survived solely because even in those hard times, faithful supporters always stood behind the club and the players. The Sunday's attack on the players by the fans goes against this foundation of the club, which makes it very painful to me.


I understand the frustration which arises from Legia's last results. I am, myself, affected by it, but I am and always will be with Legia for better and for worse. We are going through a very difficult moment. For the first time in five years we did not qualify for group stage on any European cup. We let ourselves down, and we let the fans down, but it is in such times that we can show the club's character. Fight until the end, against all difficulties. In order to win this fight, we need unity. That is why, now more than ever I expect full support from the fans for Legia and the players. Let us show that regardless of the results we are still the same Legia Warsaw, which for over 100 years have won trophies and enjoyed success. Today, the biggest support for the club would be a full house in the match against Lechia Gdańsk, and unanimous support from all the fans in this difficult time. Then we would show Poland and Europe what makes the strength of Legia. Only this can breathe new life into the team, which we need so much today.


As for the players, I expect full commitment of them. I want to see them fighting for every square inch of the pitch and never letting go. In the next game, I count on them to prove that against fans' doubts they can fight and win.


This time is also a big test for the new coach. I expect him to stabilise the team. I expect to see the effects of the changes he makes in the upcoming matches, and I want him to use the winter break for organic work which the team badly need. Legia's goals for this season has not changed. We are to win the championship and qualify for European cups.


For all of this, we need peace and quiet. This is what Legia lacks the most now. Without it, it would be much harder to get back on the right track.


So today I am making an appeal to the fans, but also to the players, coaching staff, and all Legia community - let us use the internation break to calm to situation and give the team the right conditions for them to get the ship back on course.


All clubs in the world, even the biggest ones, experience hard moments. This is sport, this is football. Legia had also had difficult times, but had always come victorious from them. I am sure that it would be the same now, too.


Dariusz Mioduski


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