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2019-02-12 14:36:00

Kucharski: Legia is younger and stronger

Author: LW Photo: Jacek Prondzynski
- In the last months our team definetely became younger, and this is a siginificant element of the club's strategy. The most important goal for us is to combine winning with team reconstruction and introducing young players, who improve their skills alongside more experienced teammates - says Legia Warsaw sporting director Radosław Kucharski.

Legia.com: - Are you satisfied with the effects of this transfer window?

Radosław Kucharski: - I will be satisfied if new players perform their role, which we have set for them. First of all, we wanted to build a team in which mutual rivalry in each training drives more work. We've put in three or four moves to the club, but those that will ensure that we have at least two good players for each position. It is very important that we didn't overwhelm the team, even though we had offers on our best players. We only said goodbye to the players who practically did not fit into the match eighteen before the start of the transfer window. At the same time, it was important to create development opportunities for Hołownia, Nawotka and Kwietniewski, who in May and June have the chance to participate in serious international tournaments. In addition, we wanted to make transfers that will be an investment in the future of the club. We did it by transferring Kacper Kostorz and Kacper Skibicki, boys with great potential.



- Can you say something more about the interest in our players?

- January was very intense. The club received offers for Jarosław Niezgoda, Sebastian Szymański and Carlitos. Recently, it was loud about the offer from New York City FC, which actually came to us. But Carlitos is an important part of our team and in this window we are not interested in selling him. I believe that it will help us to win the fourth consecutive Polish championship. In the case of Jarek and Sebastian, we also decided that this is not a good time to sell them. Many clubs were also interested in Nagy and Kulenović. We decided, however, that now the best solution for both them and the club is to stay in Legia. Of course, this increases the competition in the team and everyone must fight for the place in the first team. We have to overcome fifteen different opponents, to which coach Sa Pinto will choose the right player profile.


- What is your opinion about the preparation period?

- First of all, I am glad that we have 25 healthy players in the squad despite the hard training sessions, after a month-long camp in Portugal. The guys worked very hard on many elements. None of the players suffered a major injury, which means that the training process was at the high level. Everyone, with concentration and engagement, aspired to high disposition. The whole staff of people who prepared players every day for ever greater efforts did a great job. I am also optimistic about the work of young boys: Praszelik, Karbownik and Miszta, who looked interesting during the camp. I hope that in the near future we will have great use of them. However, they know that each day they must raise and step by step build their position in the eyes of the coach.


- It is clear that now Legia is definitely younger.

- Yes, in recent months we clearly rejuvenated the original line-up, because it is an important element of the club's strategy. Our most important goal is to combine winning with team reconstruction and introducing young players who improve their skills alongside more experienced colleagues. Tactics must also be adapted to the situation and possibilities, without forgetting the goal. Importantly, introducing young players to the team does not take place at the expense of a decrease in its quality. When it comes to statistics, in the autumn round Legia had the highest percentage of wards in the starting lineups for league matches among all LOTTO Ekstraklasa teams (20.49 - editorial note).


- However, the team has become younger in a surprisingly fast way.

- Until recently, in terms of the average age of the starting lineup, we were one of the oldest teams in LOTTO Ekstraklasa, for which we were often criticized. However, few people notice that we currently have one of the youngest starting eleven in the league. Compared with the match in Poznan, which we finished the previous season, in the game with Wisla Płock, the starting eleven of Legia was almost two years younger (28.2 in the match with Lech and 26.4 in the match with Wisła).


- The last transfer of Legia was loaning Iuri Medeiros. Many fans have great expectations with his arrival.

- Iuri Medeiros is a player who we knew from the Portuguese league and, quite simply, some time ago he was just out of our reach. Now the situation has changed, there was an opportunity to loan him. We used him because we know that it can improve the quality of the team. We believe that this kind of player will help us achieve our goals. And that the purchase price is high? It is, but different scenarios can happen. When in October we contacted Genoa, there was no chance of getting such a player. Today he plays for Legia. What will happen next, we will see. For now, he has to help us win the championship and the Polish Cup.


- Finally, is this transfer window in Legia already closed?

- No :). The window will close on February 28.


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