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2015-12-22 10:54:00

''Legia 100'' - Legia Warsaw’s new collection!

Author: Anthony Lowrey
Legia Warsaw would like to present their new clothing collection - “Legia 100”. The collection has been produced using the best quality materials with a specific care of the finish. The collection is now on sale in the Legia FanStore at Łazienkowska 3, as well as online at


The idea behind the “Legia 100” collection, was to present the Legia symbol in the simplest of ways. So, this means the characterisation of the “Legia 100” collection is a clean, non-invasive form. The product variety means that everyone can find something for themselves.


- One of the challenges we faced with this project was finding a symbol which linked the entire collection and to Legia’s traditions. We decided on the written graphic “Legja”, coming from the first badges of Legia Warsaw of 1923-25. It’s a beautiful and timeless graphic. It’s worth noticing, that it originates from before the language reform of 1936, which is why Legia was written with a “j”. In the collection, there is also an item which fans know from the match kit, which is a black, diagonal sash - said Legia Warsaw’s Creative Director Bartosz Jabłoński.



- In this extraordinary opportunity for Legia communities, Warsaw, and all of Polish sport, in which Legia will be celebrating its centenary, lies a special responsibility with us. One of the more complex projects in our “celebration map” is the “Legia 100” collection. In the whole concept of the celebrations, we are putting all of our weight to the importance of traditions and roots of the club. This is also visible in our collection by restoring the historical writing “Legja”, based on the main symbol of Warsaw’s Legion, which is the L in the circle and the longest functioning coat of arms - sums up Vice-President of Legia Warsaw Jakub Szumielewicz.



Important information which we would like to communicate, is a change of the system of entering new products. Analyzing the fan’s suggestions, we are going to be regularly  releasing the next group of products from the “Legia 100” collection, and not like up until now, which is once a year. The first part of the collection is now available. The next group of new clothes, which includes retro clothing, will be presented in the new year.


The "Legia 100" clothing collection is available at the Legia FanStore at Łazienkowska 3, as well as online at



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