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2018-02-15 17:54:00

Legia won on the Polish Esport Awards

Author: Jakub Mieżejewski Photo: Jacek Prondzynski
Polish Esport Awards gala took place on Łazienkowska 3 Legia Warsaw was the laureate in the category of "Sports initiative 2017 in the e-sport". Miłosz "milosz93" Bogdanowski was nominated in the category of "Player of the year".


Polish Esport Awards is the first event this type in Poland. Fans could vote on the website in the categories: player of the year, team of the year, partner of the esport, e-sport event of the year, e-sports competition of the year, streamer of the year and sports initiative in the sport. The remaining categories selection was made by a chapter composed of representatives of entities having a special influence on the development of esport in Poland:


·         Aleksander Szlachetko (ESL Polska), 


·         Wojciech Jeznach (Fantasy Expo),


·         Krzysztof Stalewski (Legia Warszawa),


·         Piotr Bombol (Gameset),


·         Jakub Paluch (ELIGA),


·         Paweł Kowalczyk (Onet). 


Legia Warsaw won in the category of "sports initiative in 2017 in esport".  Miłosz "Milosz93" Bogdanowski was nominated in one of the category but he had to recognize the superiority of his rivals. There was also president of Legia Dariusz Mioduski on this gala.


The gala took place at the Legia stadium. The transmission of the plebiscite was made by








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