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2016-12-18 10:33:00

Magiera: Bit by bit we are reaching the path to success

Author: Roberto Cura Photo: Mateusz Kostrzewa
The Militarians manager in his pregame conference before this rounds game spoke of Franciszek Smuda, the current manager of Górnik Łęczna, talked about the players, with which he has at his disposal and assured everyone that it is too early to say goodbye to ''Niko''.

Jacek Magiera: - I am happy that Franciszek Smuda has returned to the polish league after a long break. I respect and like him a lot. Tomorrow’s meeting will be very nice. How do I remember him? During his time at Legia I had to leave because he didn’t see a place for me, so from one side – badly. On the other hand, when I returned from Widzew to Legia I started to play with him in the starting line-up, and managed to pick up some good performances. I was a young 20, 21-year-old player, I looked at it differently then. I was angry that I had to leave, but it gave me a lot. I consider Smuda as a professional who has a good contact with his players, in which there is listening and working, but when need be also – fun. I recall it with a smile. Now we have a good relationship, when we meet outside of the stadium, we greet each other warmly and are comfortable with each other.



- Decisive, consistent play. Concentration for 90 minutes plus extra time. That will insure us a win. If our thoughts will be elsewhere, problems will arise. The fact that we are better must be proven on the pitch and not in talk before the game. We want to run intensively, expect more from ourselves, and show, that we are capable.


- There are a few unknowns within the team. Hlousek, Guilherme and Moulin have not been training with the team. But it does not mean, that they are not doing anything. They have been working! Training their motor skills and working with a physiotherapist… Rehabilitation training is somethings harder than team training as you must recover your own self. They are physically fit, but will their injuries prevent them from playing in the game? They must feel the ball, train with it more, against an opponent, just to see if they are ready. After this conference, we will be having a meeting with the medical staff, I will see then who is at my disposal.


- Nikolić is still our player. It is hard to say goodbye to someone, who does not have a contract with another club. Nikolić has done a lot for Legia, he is an effective footballer, he gave many moments of joy to the fans, he is respectful, to me and his team mates. The best thanks will be a win for the team and a goal from Nikolić. I would like it to be that way, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is nothing to talk about, until the transaction has been finalised. Niko is our player, and on Sunday he is at my disposal.



- For the meeting against Górnik Łęczna we have already sold 20 thousand tickets. We have the support of our fans, we are playing for them, I could not image that someone would pass this game indifferently. The aim is the catch up with the leaders, for the League title, to once again be in the UEFA Champions League. Bit by bit we are reaching the path to success. The game on Sunday is at this moment the most important game this year. This is how we are approaching it. Our oppositions’ place in the league makes no difference. We must play with passion and commitment from the first to the last minute.


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