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2016-12-13 13:36:00

Magiera: If we win, it will be a good draw

Author: Roberto Cura
- It goes without saying, Ajax Amsterdam is a great team and I am happy that will have this opportunity to meet – said Manager Jacek Magiera during a special press briefing dedicated to the Round of 32 UEFA Europa League draw.

Jacek Magiera: If we win, it will be a good draw. At this position, there are no long weak teams, there are only the best. We are a much more experienced team than before.


It goes without saying, Ajax Amsterdam is a great team and I am happy that will have this opportunity to meet. There is still a lot of time till the two-legged tie. In regards to what I’ll be doing now, it is preparing for the next league game against Górnik Łęczna. From January, we will start our preparing for the team from Holland.


I believe that it is a draw that will please the fans. I am hoping that it will be a full stadium with an amazing atmosphere.


I had no favourites before the draw. Two days before it, Maciek Rybus called me and we talked about how it would be nice to play against each other, so I sort of hoped for Olympique Lyon.


The knockout stages are much different to the group stages, you don’t have to win both games to be above them in the table. Here we must play to the best of our abilities, like we did against Sporting. But we still have plenty of time, let’s not put pressure on ourselves or the players.


I am not currently thinking about the winter transfer window. Currently no players have left the team, and I hope that for the game against Łęczna I will have everyone at my disposal. What will happen in January – we will see. I am not able to answer those questions at this moment. Once this part of the season ends, then we can sit down with the Sports Director and the President and we can make these decisions.


I know nothing on this subject, that Nemanja Nikolić is leaving this Club. I have not received this information. It is just the opinion of the media. I have not spoken with him yet regarding this matter. Reading the articles in the media it sounds as though he is no longer part of our team, and that is not the case. December 19 is when we will discuss the future plans.


I am counting on “Rado” as much as I do on my other 25 players who are in the Legia squad. I am unaware if he is happy with the draw, I have not spoken with him since that time. I approached it very calmly.


I will not be thinking if it is a good thing to play against Ajax today, or even in two months. All our work was planned in such a way to be in the best of our form until December 18. After which we can relax slightly and then rebuild our form.


The favourites are Ajax. It is a difficult team which has featured in the European football scene for years, with much greater success. What will happen though – we will see. I believe in my team and we will be prepared for it as best as possible.


I hope the chance to play against Ajax will not be the only reason for our best players to stay at the Club. There is the fight for the Polish Championship, which we have put in a lot of effort in recent months. It was a big thing for us, which must be experienced first-hand. I’m sure the qualification will have a positive effect on us all, and I hope we will soon reach a point where it will not be worth leaving Legia.


I am happy that there is a lot of buzz around Legia, that they have returned to Europe in a positive way. The fact that they are people taken as a strong team pleases me greatly.


It doesn’t make a difference that the first game will be played at our stadium. There are different schools of thought – some say it is worth winning at home and create an advantage, others say it’s better to lose as little as possible away to recuperate the loss at home. I do not calculate this or am interested in these matters.


The experience we have received from the UEFA Champions League is constantly benefitting us. You can see that the team is become a unit, they are effective and are keeping their concentration. But we are not exactly where we want to be. Let’s aim for perfection. These are strong words, but also the only way you can develop. That what we have today is not enough for us. We want to overtake the leader in the league. Watching the UEFA Champions League on a television is something completely different. Only when you are confronted with those oppositions, you know where you must improve and how to develop.


Three players have picked up injuries after the game against Sporting. The predictions are that for the game against Górnik Łeczna they will be fit again. I would like it to be so and have complete control of my line-up. A little competition never hurt anyone.



Tomek Jodłowiec must rest. He is not a machine, he was needed at the Club straight after Euro 2016 and now he is getting the rest that he deserves. We will be counting on him in the next round.


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