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2016-12-19 11:52:00

Magiera: Our aim was achieved

Author: Roberto Cura Photo: Janusz Partyka
- We wanted to end our successful year with a bang and because of it we are happy – said manager Jacek Magiera in his postgame press conference, commenting on his high won game against Górnik Łęczna.

Jacek Magiera: Our aim was achieved. We wanted to play well, enjoy our game. We wanted to end our successful year with a bang and because of it we are happy. Today was the 34th game that my players have played this season – what pleases me, is that we played well up until the last minute. Now is the time to spend with our families, to relax, to return to ourselves. So, that we may return to Warsaw on January 9 to get ready to defend our title.


I cannot say that this is Nikolić’s last game at Legia. The signs point to the fact that he might be leaving and he said goodbye in the best way possible. He is an exceptional footballer. I remember Stanko Svitlicę – he had the same sort of statistics. If he leaves – I wish him all the best. He is a professional in every way and I’m sure he’ll manage to adapt, wherever he goes.


I am happy that we are scoring goals and are playing offensively. The UEFA Champions League has taught us about intensity. We are gaining confidence, playing with the right mindset. Each player knows their own worth – if we can play against the best in Europe, we can play well in the league. My players are understanding each other better and that is pleasing. We will see how Radović and Ofoe work together. We can bring in any other offensive player at any given time. What we are seeing is not the height of form from these Legia players.


The most important thing for Legia now is to be able to hold onto their key players. If Nikolić were to leave, we have the players that are worthy to replace him. Tomorrow we will sit down and talk with the Club in regards to how the team will look in the Spring Season. From January 9, we will be working hard. We will play a few friendly games and on top of that we will be working hard, as well as exercising our motor skills. There is a lot of work ahead of us. The players believe in what they are doing, the last few weeks have taken a lot out of us, so we are happy today, and we have our plans for the future. But all in good time, now is the time to relax.


Michał Kopczyński along with the Górnik player have been stitched up. He is sore, the collision was unpleasant, blood was spilt. He is a strong man, and he will manage to deal with it. He looks to be okay. 


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