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2016-12-12 10:37:00

Magiera: We maintained our good streak

Author: Roberto Cura Photo: Jacek Prondzynski
- Despite a high score, it was a difficult game. We put in a lot of energy and once again showed our character - said manager Jacek Magiera after an effective win

Jacek Magiera: - We are very happy. We won in a convincing and impressive way. Especially since we have just recently played in a tiring game against Sporting Lisbon. Despite a high score, it was a difficult game. We put in a lot of energy and once again showed our character. It was one of the most difficult games we have played in the league this season. We held back the attacks from Piast and scored to make it 3, 4 and 5 to zero. There is great spirit in the changing room. Let's hope it continues. Now we will train so that the last game this year will be played as effectively. That is our aim.


- In every game, we want to develop and play our own game. We were leading 2:0 and it'd no surprise that Piast opened themselves up. They had nothing to lose, they had to attack. They looked for their chances. They played selfless, and kept knocking at the door. On several occasions my defenders had to throw themselves in front of their shots. However, opportunities to counter attack were created. We worked hard, we rotated our players, we changed our formations, to lose the defence. It is a rarity to collect five goals in an away game. We maintained our good streak. We played efficiently and that's how we want to play, to enjoy what we are doing.


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