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2018-02-09 13:20:00

The ECA Legal Advisory Panel meeting in Lisabon

Author: Jakub Mieżejewski
Members of the ECA Legal Advisory Panel (LAP) met on February 8 at Estadio da Luz in Lisbon. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the changes in the transfer system.

LAP is an advisory team on sports law of the European Club Association (ECA). It consists of 31 legal experts, selected from among the lawyers of ECA member clubs to exchange knowledge and experience. Since 2015, the member of the ECA LAP, alongside lawyers from Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Benfica Lisbon, is also Dr. Jakub Laskowski - Legal Advisor and the Plenipotentiary of the Management Board of Legia Warsaw.



The aim of the meeting, which took place in Lisbon, was the changes proposed by FIFA regarding the transfer of footballers and consultations on the future of the transfer system. It was also an opportunity to welcome new members of the advisory team "It seems that the current year may bring significant changes in regulations and participation of Legia in the work on their shape at both national and international level seems justified and necessary" said Jakub Laskowski, who presented Legia at the meeting in Lisbon.


Such meetings are also an opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss views how the football clubs work. The representative of Legia had the opportunity to talk to Joao Goncalo Cuhna, co-founder of Kick Up Sports Innovation - an accelerator of start-ups from the sports industry cooperating with Benfica. They talked about future cooperation between Kick Up, the Portuguese club and Legia Warsaw, planned in connection with the emerging Legia Lab, which will take place in Legia Center in Książenice. Jakub Laskowski also had the opportunity to see how the Benfica's training center and the academy work.



"Wherever the representatives of our club are traveling, we are also interested in the research and development activities and innovativeness of other clubs. Thanks to Jakub's presence in Lisbon, we can develop our ideas and plans for further cooperation" said the Plenipotentiary of the Management Board of Legia Warszawa Tomasz Zahorski


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